We Can’t Afford To Compromise, Addressing These 6 Public Needs!

We Can’t Afford To Compromise, Addressing These 6 Public Needs!

It, often, seems, certain public leaders/ elected officials, find it, or believe it’s, beneficial, to them, to avoid, taking – on, any issues, etc, which, might, either, be controversial, or risk, losing them votes, and/ or, support of certain, core supporters! Isn’t it bad, for this nation, when/ if, those, we elect, supposedly, to serve and represent us, our needs, and the relevant, sustainable, best interests, of our nation, refuse to do so, but, put their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, ahead of the necessary, priorities, into the future, in a relevant, sustainable, well – considered, manner? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 specific areas, where we must demand, there are no compromises, avoidance, denial, or attempt at populist politics!

1. True justice: We must insist, on, true justice, for all! Unfortunately, we often, witness, a system, where certain individuals, are consistently, treated differently, from others! When, everything, from police treatment, to legal representation, to the apparent, attitude, often, of law enforcement, and court agencies, etc, contributes to systemic racism, how can we continue, to believe, we are the home of the free, when rights, freedoms, and privileges, are, often, applied, selectively, favoring those, with more access, to financial advantages, etc?

2. Climate Change: Since, simply, denying – it, or procrastinating, does not make potential ramifications, of Climate Change, any – less, damaging, etc, we must insist, our public leaders, create strategic, and action plans, which might, minimize, some of these effects! Nearly, all scientists, and experts, realize, this is, a pressing need, for the four years, of the previous, U.S. Presidential administration, our President, seemed, to find, addressing it, either, inconvenient, or, not supporting his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! For the sake of the planet, and a sustainable future, we must proceed, with urgency, in this area!

3. Environment: If, we wish, to ensure, a planet, where citizens, may, possibly, enjoy clean air, and water, etc, we must, consistently, protect the environment! Once, again, from 2017, through 2020, our nation’s leadership, reversed decades, of national emphasis, in attempting, to protect these, for the health, and well – being, of all of us!

4. Rights/ freedoms: We can’t afford, selective enforcement of all our rights, and freedoms/ Constitutional guarantees, but, rather, must protect, all of them! If, we fail to do so, sooner, rather than later, the United States, will lose its identity, and how, we are viewed, by the rest of the world!

5. Public health and safety: A key priority of our officials, must be, to be prepared, and effectively, protect, and strengthen, our measures, towards public health, and safety!

6. Health, and medical care, must be a right, not a privilege!: Shouldn’t providing, quality, health care, be a right, instead of a privilege, for the entitled, and wealthiest? Why, are we, the only, large nation, in the world, with this difference, in the level of care, based on affordability, wealth, and ability to pay?

We cannot afford, to compromise, and/ or, procrastinate, in addressing these 6 key areas, of concern! Will you, demand, better, and more?