3 Steps to Solving All the Marriage Problems a Husband Will Ever Face

Marriage Problems vary. But their causes tend to have similar patterns. And their solutions tend to have similar patterns.Understand the principles at work behind the problems and their solutions, and you’ll quickly find yourself a happy husband, in a happy marriage, with a happy wife eager to please you.

Let’s get straight into them:

Step 1: Take Charge Of Your Relationship.
What does that mean? It means that solving your marriage problems is in your hands. No one else’s. Not your wife’s. Not a friend’s. Not a counselor’s.Her end of the relationship is merely a reaction to you. If you end up always reacting to her, then you’ll end up with a cycle of marriage problems that you can’t seem to break out of.

So, instead of leaving your relationship to itself, or leaving it to your wife, take charge of it!
If your problems are about how she is treating you, recognize that she is merely reacting to how you are. If you are different, her response will be different.

Let me repeat that for you, because everything builds on that point: If you are different, her response will be different.So don’t blame her. You may think she’s being unfair. “How could she be that way?!” Well… because she’s responding to how you are with her right now.So start acting as if your relationship is 100% in your hands.

Step 2: Appreciate That Marriage Problems Are Typically Emotional.
Now that you’re ready to take charge of your relationship and take responsibility for it, you need to recognize why you have marriage problems.Up to this point, you’ve failed to spark the right emotions in her.That’s the only reason you’ve lost her.

Your problems are due to emotional reasons and not logical or moral reasons. They may be clothed in logical or moral reasons, but those aren’t the real reasons. Those are merely her rationalizing her emotions. Understand that.

If you spark in her the right emotions, you will find her rationalizing illogical and even immoral behavior. To justify, follow her emotions. Simple.

Warning: Once you understand how to spark her emotions, you will find you have a lot of influence over her. So use it with care! As they say, with great power, comes great responsibility.
When sparking her emotions, you need to be a man about it, and take care of your woman. Use your influence over her with care, and she will love you and thank you forever.

What does that mean on a practical level?
It means a few things:
Just as your marriage problems are because you pressed the wrong emotional buttons, the solution is to press the right emotional buttons. It’s that simple. That’s the good news.
It also means that you need to stop trying to convince her with rational and moral arguments.
“Convince” her with emotional arguments.

What do I mean by “convince” her with emotional arguments? I mean influence her by affecting her emotions, by inspiring in her emotions of attraction, rather than emotions of repulsion.
Because that’s all that has happened: she has responded with repulsion to how you are… but she can just as easily respond to how you are with attraction.

This brings me to the third step…
Step 3: Press The Right Emotional Buttons To Create Attraction.
It’s simple: if you make your wife more attracted to you, you will find that most of your marriage problems will take care of themselves.
Some Common Marriage Problems:
“My wife doesn’t listen to me.”
“My marriage feels flat.”
“My wife doesn’t respect me.”
“My wife isn’t interested in sex.”
And so on.

The Real Problem is: You’re missing one or more of the foundations of attraction. If you make her attracted to you, you will find her far more attentive, exciting, playful, radiant, respectful, cheerful (giggly, in fact), seductive, and eager to please you.

So make sure you maintain the foundations of attraction at all times. If you’re yet to learn the foundations of magnetic attraction, then keep reading the articles on this site.