What’s the Number 8 Reason You Will Never Find Love?

Number 8 is going to sound crazy at first. Stay with me and think about it. I am saying the reason your relationships don’t work or you get mediocre at best is because you have never been trained to be in a relationship. Yes, I said that.

Think about it. If you have a billion dollar company, will you hire someone to do your finances if they had no training in accounting and finance? Most people say no. Some of you will attempt to weasel out of the question. Except, you will not hire a CFO for a company that size if the person does not have training in finance and accounting. Yet, we go into relationships and play trial and error. Would you hire a brain surgeon who learned by trial and error or someone who went to med school?

With the increase of the single parent home, many people are growing up with no example of parents working together. That means they are left to figure it out on their own. Your first idea of a relationship is based on of watching your parents interact. Without that, you have grandparents, neighbors or the media. Fairytales are the worse examples.

I am saying most people don’t even have the proper mindset for a relationship, especially marriage. People spend more time thinking about the wedding than they do about the relationship with the person.

So you won’t find love because you are unprepared for it. You may find infatuation and some really good dopamine phases. Some of you will even find some really good sex. However, that eventually runs out.

To have an effective relationship, you need relationship skills and a mindset. Like any other skill, it is taught and developed. You will not get those lessons from the single parent home. Those of you from the 2 parent household have a better chance. At the same time, you still have not been trained. You play trial and error. And that’s the path most traveled. It’s the path with no love, lots of lust and dopamine though.

How do you plan to get your relationship skills? I’ll be back with #9.

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