Trust and Dependability in Marriage – Important Ingredients

It is a well known truth that successful marriages are rooted in mutual trust and they can withstand any stormy circumstances. Such a strong foundation of a marriage can never be shaken any force in the world. Dependability tops the list of qualities that most people look for in a marriage partner.

Mutual trust is nurtured by constant and conscious effort from both partners in a happy marriage. Trust is not built in a single day. It takes a long period of time to take deep roots and become unshakable. On the contrary a single stupid word or action can ruin trust in no time.

How to build such a strong pillar of trust?

The first and topmost way is to keep your words. Make it a priority to keep all your promises. Never make a promise that you cannot keep. Live your words at all cost to become dependable at all times. It reinforces not only trust in your partner’s heart but also promotes a happy and lasting marriage. It says how far you can go for the sake of making your spouse happy. So remember, a broken promise is an easy trust and marriage killer. Take the initiative to live your words.

If you are unable to keep your promise or have a change of mind, admit it honestly. Explain why and how that change is necessary. If you failed to keep your promise because of forgetfulness, you can always apologize and make a firm decision not to forget such important things again. You can consciously try to follow some methods of reminders or even request your spouse to remind you of important promises occasionally.

You can also rebuild trust if you have problems already. Respecting each other’s space, forgiveness, open communication are some of the ways in which you can develop a strong and unbreakable trust.

Marriages thrive on mutual trust. Foster trust and keep it strong and permanent.