Three Benefits of Bringing on a Life Care Planner in Non-Catastrophic Cases

There are many benefits of Life Care (LC) Planning for all different types of cases and phases of litigation. It’s a common misconception that Life Care Plans are only useful or worth the cost for catastrophic cases. With the recent development of briefer and more targeted reporting, LC Planning can be affordable and appropriate for non-catastrophic cases! In fact, bringing a Life Care Planner in on non-catastrophic cases to do a preliminary review and calculate damage can actually save you time and money, as well as help you win cases.

Understand the value of a case early on by assessing realistic damages.

The role of a LC Planner is that of an educator, not an advocate. Unlike any other expert, their reviews are objective and informative, as well as holistic. As a result, LC Planners provide a realistic assessment of actual damages and can give you a clear understanding of your client’s exposure or the value of your case early on. LC Plans are designed based on the patient’s needs, so the bottom line is very difficult to refute or inflate. Lower level LC Planning Services, such as Damage Calculations and Cost Projections, can help you to assess your cases realistically and early – helping you to avoid making large investments in cases that don’t warrant them. This is something to seriously consider, regardless of the side of the bar you’re on, so as to not get caught demanding too much or too little, or maybe worse: dragging out a case that should have been settled.

Intimidate opposing counsel in early stages of litigation.

Being prepared with a holistic, objective, and realistic figure can help you understand what is reasonable during early talks. This reality check is essential for injury cases regardless of the side of the bar you’re on and despite the extent of the injuries. Having a Life Care Planner on your side will not only give you confidence, but also the intimidating credibility, that your offer or demand is reasonable and appropriate.

Better strategic decisions: to settle or not to settle.

The purpose of a LC Planner in the legal arena is to identify the extent of the damages that will arise as a consequence of the injuries in question. By identifying unforeseen complications for what may be a seemingly simple injury, a LC Planner can give you the appropriate tools for the type of case and phase of litigation you are dealing with to make better strategic decisions early on. With a concrete understanding of what the bottom line could look like, you are put in drivers seat to decide to settle quickly or push the case to trial.

Use a Life Care Planner to your advantage! A LC Plan can range from simply quantifying future medical damages from a single injury to providing evidentiary support for the projection of the costs for all medical and non-medical needs of the injured person. The level of Life Care Planning service can match the extent of the injuries, so the case investment to case value / exposure ratio remains balanced. With the option of a cost-effective, non-catastrophic Plan that can save you thousands in litigation costs, refute the claim, or bolster your demand, can you afford to not bring on a Life Care Planner?