The Importance of E & O Insurance For Process Servers

We live in a society which has become litigious while, at the same time, increasingly concerned with privacy rights.

This can be particularly difficult for litigators because not all the facts of a case may be accessible. This leads to the possibility of an error or omission occurrence.

Repercussions due to an error can be extremely costly. This is why a reputable process server will carry errors and omissions insurance. This E&O insurance is also protection for their clients.

It is realistic to expect that sometimes inopportune circumstances occur despite the best risk management strategies. For example, a traffic tie-up or accident may prevent a server from perfecting a rush service on a Defendant by a court ordered deadline. The server’s errors and omissions policy will cover any legal action initiated in relation to such occurrences.

As with any professional or business, a a person who serves process is susceptible to frivolous claims that can implicate their clients as well. Errors and omissions insurance will cover defense of such a claim.

The typical amount of insurance carried is $1,000,000 per occurrence. Errors and omissions insurance is especially tailored to take into account the possible liability situations particular to the profession.

Errors and omissions insurance also provides the extra reassurance that the process server is legitimate. Having insurance coverage demonstrates that the individual is organized, responsible and willing to rectify an unfortunate incident.

A professional with errors and omissions coverage is protective of their respectable business name and willing to stand behind their reputation.

This insurance coverage also proves a commitment to their clients. It illustrates a policy of providing the best services possible. It also differentiates credible process servers from “fly by night” operators.

In the unlikely event an unavoidable error or omission occurs, you can have confidence that your professional server’s insurance coverage will safeguard you.