The Essential Building Blocks of a Strong and Healthy Marriage


Have you ever met a couple that has said that their marriage has always been easy? Neither have I. There is a great explanation for this; building and maintaining a healthy marriage was never meant to be an easy task.

Marriage is perhaps the most important choice to be made in the life of an adult. This relationship and commitment has the most far-reaching effects, for it can bring, not only immediate happiness, but also eternal joys. Marriage affects many more than the two people who have made a vows to each other. Every member of their families, particularly their children and their children’s children down through the many generations to come will feel the effects of a single marriage relationship. Marriage is a spiritual and cultural covenant, made between two consenting adults that they will fully commitment their lives to each other regardless of the difficulties that they may face. Marriage is a very precious and important commitment that should never be taken lightly. Research has determined that having a healthy, happy, fulfilling marriage benefits all family members. A healthy marriage offers personal, emotional and economical stability to each person as well as the family unit.

Relationship In A Marriage

Maintaining a healthy marital relationship is not always easy. Any long-lasting relationship requires maintenance and marriage is meant to be the longest lasting relationship of a person’s life. Efforts of both husband and wife should be equal in order to insure their marital relationship continues to be enjoyable and comfortable. Think of trust as the key stone of a committed relationship. A structure will crumble if the key stone is compromised, just as a marriage will crumble when trust is compromised by dishonesty. Being honest with each other is vital for building a strong relationship. Even if a couple is yet to be married, they should strive to learn how to strengthen marriage. Those who are considering marriage should also begin building a healthy marriage before they begin building a perfect wedding. This is when a couple should seek out tips on marriage, learn them and, most importantly, practice them before a commitment for eternity is made.

Intimacy In A Marriage

Sexual attraction and energy is often at its highest levels in the early stages of a relationship. Intimacy is an important part of marriage but more important is emotional fulfillment. The physical aspect of intimacy should never be sought through sex only. Although this is not an area that should be neglected in a marriage, the importance of romance and simple touching should not be forgotten. It is important to remember that any relationship based mainly on sexual attraction or sexual activity may be sabotaged from the beginning. Proper intimacy in marriage is an expression of love, respect and appreciation. Expressions of affection and kindness keep love and friendship alive in marriage. A couple should continue to date throughout their long lives together. This simple concept assures that husband and wife continue to build their friendship, reinforce their attraction, and renew their love for in each other. It is also important to understand that, for many people, the way they are spoken to and treated by their spouse throughout the day is a major factor in their continuous sexual attraction. The act of making love should be preceded by showing love through your words and actions.

Communication In A Marriage

Marriage relationships can be enriched by communication. Communication is one of the most important parts of a healthy relationship. Effective communication takes practice, patience and a great deal of effort. Numerous studies suggest that marital outcomes can be predicted, with a high degree of accuracy, based primarily on aspects of a couples communication and ability to manage conflict. It is important to take turns talking so that both will have the opportunity to be heard and to talk about their feelings. Almost more important than talking to a spouse about feelings, desires, frustrations or even anger is listening. While one is speaking, the other should be giving their full attention. Listening is more than just hearing with your ears. A couple should listen with their heart, mind, and emotions. It should also be said that communication is not restricted to talking. People communicate in many different ways. A couple needs to commit themselves to recognizing how their spouse communicates without words. Please remember that it is okay and healthy to disagree as long as you employ respectful and loving communication skills. The use of functional communication to resolve your problems, instead of walking away or ignoring the issue is a very healthy way of nurturing your relationship. This also has the added bonus of teaching you children positive conflict resolution techniques through example.


Marriage is a continuous cycle of growth, learning and growth. Husband and wife should never stop searching for new things to fall in love with in their spouse. Every marriage should be an inspiration to all those around the couple particularly their children. A healthy marriage relationship begins by building healthy communication, trust and respect for each other before marriage. There may be times when a conflict or problem may require the use of techniques that you are unfamiliar with. Should this happen there is no shame in looking for alternative resources. Every city in the country has resources readily available that provide tips on marriage and family communication. If you keep your communication clear, accept and encourage your spouse’s differences, support each other and agree to disagree, you will nurture a strong and healthy marriage.