The Case Against Meditation – Why It’s Getting You Stuck

I used to be a big advocate of meditation –

Wake up bright and early, do some meditation, a little morning ritual, just a really relaxed start…

You hear about it every day now right? Everybody’s all spiritual and self-reflecting…

But guess what –

It’s All Horse Crap!

People get fixated on the ritual instead of looking for the meaning behind the act –

You read about all those Millennials, sitting on the sofa in their mom’s house, breathing and smiling and thinking to themselves:

“How wonderful it is to be alive…

What a beautiful way to start my day…

How I love being an entrepreneur and building my business by just sitting and breathing my way to success… “

“Hey, mom did you buy me my favorite cereal?… “

Now listen here you noodle-wet punks –

What does all that crap help a small business owner, with a family to feed, with employees to pay healthcare for, and insane income taxes killing all of his profit?!

Newsflash people – just sitting there and breathing won’t make you an Elon Musk!

The universe doesn’t owe you jack-manure and a lightning bolt won’t hit you in the head and enlighten you how to solve your biggest problems!

As the great Gary Halbert said it:

Motion Beats Meditation!

You want to improve your situation – start moving – our brain is the most sophisticated hunting machine on this planet, but even the best hunter won’t catch anything just sitting in the cave and pondering on the meaning of life…

It’s been scientifically proven that our brain works better when we’re in motion, so instead of sitting and thinking – go take a walk or jog.

Another fun scientific fact (and tip from the direct marketing legends) –

The analytical thinking is done in one part of our brain (the Chromium) and the “creative” problem solving is done in another part of the brain.

Analytical thinking can’t solve your problems – you have to distract the analytical part of your brain for the problem solving to kick in.

Note: I wrote “creative” because actually, creativity is very different from what most people think it means –

See, creativity doesn’t mean to come up with something out of thin air – only god can create.

Human creativity actually means that the brain connects two known things in a new way that hasn’t been done before.

Where do you get those things for your brain to connect?

That’s right – it’s in your market.

(Not in your online marketer’s mind as he’d like to proclaim… )

If you want to figure out why nobody’s buying your product or services,

Then research your market

If you want to come up with a new product,

Then research your market