Overcoming Communication Breakdowns in Marriage, Healing the Brokenness

Communication breakdown is often cited as the most common complaint in struggling marriages. Healing the brokenness in the marriage and overcoming communication breakdowns in marriage requires perseverance and a shift in attitudes but it is possible even if only one person is trying.

Every relationship and marriage will have its own nature of communication. The success or failure of a marriage will depend on the level of understanding that each partner brings to the relationship and the commitment shared between both spouses.

Marriages will inevitably go through cycles of joyful times and difficult times. When life is full of joy and all is well communication sometimes is a secondary concern, there are no issues that need attention. How a couple moves through difficult times will define the quality of the relationship over time.

A successful couple learns to be open and vulnerable with each other. This couple is free to discuss their needs, desires and potential pitfalls in the relationship. When two people are able to trust completely they are able to then open themselves up to their partner to enhance their communication knowing they will not be judged nor scorned for their feelings, thoughts and opinions.

When facing difficulty a successful couple will work together to find a solution rather than becoming adversaries. Working through struggles as a couple will eventually allow them to emerge as a stronger team recognizing they can overcome anything they will ever face…together.

Fortunately healing the brokenness in a marriage suffering from communication breakdowns is possible. With only one partner working to affect change it is possible over time through determination, love and increased awareness to revive the marriage.