I Drank Ayahuasca, Felt Fear, Became a Codes of AH Practitioner, and Activated Divine Love

In 2010 at Blue Morpho Tours in Iquitos, Peru, I experienced my first metaphysical transformation with sacred geometry that caused me to release a long held compressing emotion of fear that manifested in my throat and finances. Fear felt like a brace around my neck internally and externally in which the inside brace pushed outward forcing my throat wider while the external brace pushed inward like a shrinking band. I often had difficulty speaking due to this phenomenon, and as a member of a choir, I could not sing longer than an hour as my voice would go hoarse even if I was hydrated. Fear was a literal ball and chain around my throat and neck.

Prior to my visit to the Amazon forest, I lost a significant contract with the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. I had bought a subcontracting business in 2005 with my personal savings and built it from a one-machine street sweeping business into three machines to serve multiple government, municipal, construction, and home owners association contracts. I was the only woman owned street sweeping business in San Diego County, which I state not to promote myself as special for my gender but to state that I valued my position as a solo female leader in a field that was male dominated.

I would lose the contract with the Airport for only one reason. I was blind to the husband’s habits. He chose a variety of addictions, such as lying and gambling as his form of manifestation in this reality. While some humans choose creation, he chose destruction.

I did not know at the time that my husband was a gambler, although the signs existed. I did not hate my husband even though he did speak derogatorily about me behind my back. I thought he was my best friend who had issues with truth due to a lack of masculine energy in his childhood. I thought his background of poverty was just the circumstances of his upbringing but not who he was. Yet, time would prove over and over that he preferred pretending that he was successful as opposed to being an action taker. He loved that I would provide financially while he could find reasons to disappear into his fantasy realm. For those who want to know the key to a lasting marriage, I would tell you that you must first meet in reality, not fantasy. Second, you must listen. And third, love your spouse with all your heart.

When I lost the four-year contract with the airport, I knew my business, credit, purpose, and state of well being was also derailing. I was in a state of extreme fear as I knew I was heading towards bankruptcy. Although I was Mormon at the time, I found no solace in this religion that based its faith and practice in strength and power from a wrathful male god, a patriarchal system that diminished women, and gossip. Just as men in the church chose distortion of power by authority, women in the church chose distortion of power by self appointed judgment in the form of disparaging words, which is a distorted tool of the masculine energy.

The masculine energy had failed me and I wanted to find a solution in its opposite, the feminine energy.

Since I was a private follower of shamanism, which is a practice of reaching altered states of consciousness through meditation, visualization, sounds, frequencies, and in some cases, sacred psychedelics, I decided to drink Ayahuasaca in the Amazon to eradicate my fear and open divine love, if such a thing truly existed. It would be my first time exploring psychedelics. It would be my first visit to the Amazon.

During my first ceremony at Blue Morpho Tours, I drank half a cup of Ayahusaca. It is a tea mixed from two plants, the Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine and Chacruna leaf, also known as psychotria viridis, that create the ability to see with your inner vision, which is dimethyltrptamine. If you dream at night, you are using your inner vision.

For those who think this is a drug trip or a tool to get high, let me dispel the myth. Ayahuasca is known as “La Purge” or “Vine of Death.” There is no high from Ayahuasca. You experience intense visions and wisdom from Mother Vine while simultaneously vomiting or defecating your toxins, emotions, mindsets, and discordant energy. You vomit your pain. You shit your suffering. And often, you cry from the intensity of emotional release. This is not an easy plant to take into your body, but it is sacred. It is sacred because the plant has intelligence and it will speak to your inner thoughts when you ask questions.

The plant is very feminine, safe, kind, nurturing, and helpful much like a mother with a newborn. You must also know that you need to tell the plant, Mother Vine, that you have seen enough of the message when it gets too intense. You must tell her, “Thank you Ayahuasca. I am resolved with this memory. You can release this from me” and then the suffering is released while you vomit the energy into your bucket or you race to the toilet so that you don’t shit your pants.

Within minutes of drinking Ayahuasca, I saw immaculate, colorful fractals known as sacred geometry. I did not know what they meant, but I witnessed their beauty, feeling, and color. The fractals or sacred geometry are codes that hold information, frequency, intelligence, purpose, and meaning. They balance your emotions. As I was witnessing a red fractal, I was feeling intense fear that I began to lose awareness of who I was, where I was, or why I existed. If it had been possible, I would have commanded in that moment that I be permanently destroyed as the fear and confusion was so extreme that I did not know who I was. I was in a space of severe separation and aggression, completely out of my body and fracturing that it led to a sensation of eternal suffering.

As I sat in my room of confusion, the plant asked me, “Do you want to leave?” It asked me several times. I must have answered, “Yes” as the visions immediately stopped and all levels of fear dropped to nothing in a second. The plant said, “Go to the bathroom.” I heeded her advice.

I sat on the toilet and pushed. As I pushed, it felt like a hose leaving my body as if it was the longest defecation in the history of defecations. If a monument could have been made for “most intense poop,” I thought I had achieved it. When I peered at the toilet bowl, it barely held a thing. I had felt a massive snake slowly descend and leave my body, yet the toilet showed me it was all energetic. Fear had been physically felt as it released from my body.

I walked back to my mattress on the floor. As soon as I sat in lotus position, the visions began immediately. This time was different. I was conscious, aware, and grateful. I felt at peace. I knew that my emotions had led to the loss of my airport contract, so I asked the plant to show me why I was suffering so much. The plant showed me a vision of cords much like a series of guitar strings that formed words, like accord, love, joy, and integrity. Each time the word was formed by the guitar strings, I felt the frequency of the word. Images are powerful, yet feelings supersede everything. The plant can show you images, yet images only reach the level of the brain. Feelings are the true educator as they reach all levels of your physical body and super conscious self. Ayahuasca educates by feelings. The greatest discovery I gained from my ceremonies was the desire to feel divine love. I came close to experiencing it in Peru, yet I knew it was just the surface.

Upon leaving this sacred ceremony, I made several decisions. I ended my marriage, moved from California to Montana to live in nature, closed down my subcontracting business, and pursued a career in the field of sacred geometry as it was the most transformative tool for manifestation. I found the Codes of AH™ in 2012 and was certified as a practitioner in 2013.

The Codes of AH™ are sacred geometry created by Ivonne Delaflor who hears the music or the tones of the codes before seeing the fractals. When she sees the code, she is seeing the codes from the infinite mind, intelligence space, or infinite divine intelligence. If you are clairvoyant, you can connect to the Intelligent Space to see your life purpose, gifts, and reason for being on earth at this time. The Intelligent Space is a source of truth.

When Ivonne sees the images or codes in their unmanifest form with her inner mind, she asks, “What does this code or image do to me?” She feels them. She understands them in a frequency state. Upon feeling the frequency, she draws the image or code on paper or paints them. She proceeds to use a Tesla Coil Machine to record her voice while praying and chanting while the Tesla machine is connected to her computer. Software programs on her computer allow her to complete a code with specific colors, proportions, numerology, words, and her recording. She names the specific Code of AH™ according to its purpose, which might be fear removal, body dysmorphic healing, or opening clears channels for financial manifestation.

Ivonne Delaflor says that the Codes of AH™ create harmony, a connection to nature, sacred medicine healing, and infinite divine intelligence.

What is harmony? Harmony is another word for accord, which was shown to me in the ayahuasca visions in Peru. I believe the Codes of AH™ create a connection to divine love, which is our birth right to experience yet is difficult to manifest as we live on a limited supply in a fallen state. We are fallen only in the sense that we disconnected from Source as our parent to connect to a new immediate parent called a Soul and Monad. It’s a form of progression that we experience lifetime to lifetime and time matrix to time matrix. There is no final destination called Heaven as Heaven is in the present moment in your sacred heart space.

What is divine love?

Divine love is a word for frequency that I believe is the 528 hertz frequency. It is a calming, expanding, joyful energy that can be felt in the heart as if the heart is literally growing in size. It feels blissful. In a shamanic state, divine love looks like bluish-white light in the body. It is the very energy or frequency we are all competing to own, yet we do not need to compete when the Soul Connection is restored.

Why is divine love felt in the heart?

The heart is an actual intelligent point known as the Heart Complex, which is the Governing Vessel and Bladder Meridian connecting to create a circuitry system through a series of points. It is a sacred space because it explores the depth of feeling with compassion and understanding that a brain cannot do.

The heart is an area for feeling and understanding mindsets with intelligence while the brain is a specialist for interpreting thoughts. Thoughts and mindsets are vastly different in that thoughts are viewed intellectually while the heart interprets through feeling. When you can feel, you are capable to experience a sensation that a majority of humanity struggles to understand.

Feeling is an extrasensory perception that can create intelligence, happiness, creativity, and abundance. If you focus on this gift, you will expand it.

I was able to expand this gift of feeling with Golden DNA Activation, which is a method of using words and sacred geometry in the form of the Codes of AH™ to activate conscious awareness of the subconscious, hidden elements of your intelligence. Golden DNA Activation shifted my old fearful thinking into extinction as I connected to a super conscious level of mind known as the higher self that encouraged me to feel my mission over a course of several years, which was to fully understand thoughts, emotions, and mindsets on a personal level, then like a shaman who is ill and becomes his or her best healer, take action to release them with words and the Codes of AH™.

Using the Codes of AH™ on myself, I have many times experienced the same powerful, colorful visions that I once witnessed in Peru, yet I do not have the same physical suffering that Ayahuasca may create. As an example, I witnessed a past lifetime aspect of myself step forward that needed healing in the present moment in my legs and my arms. I commanded that a specific Codes of AH™ heal the wounds, distortions, and frequencies affecting me in the present moment, which opened an intense, colorful vision of a neglected boy receiving love from the divine feminine in a quiet cave filled with toys, neon frogs, and water. I felt and witnessed the power of the feminine that opened the doorway to Divine Love.

I had been aware for six months that divine love can be activated by changing your angular rotation of particle spin to 45 degrees, yet I had not been successful due to unknown blocks in my consciousness. Merging two past lifetimes, the boy and a shaman with my current lifetime, the divine feminine showed me that the trauma opened portals of intelligence through experience and understanding to develop the ability to activate Divine Love as a frequency in my body.

Divine love is not an automatic frequency that can be felt in this reality at this time due to the human experience of unconscious contracts, illusions, and shadow body needs that create the opposite experience of divine love. When the distortions are released, divine love is the portal.

Pain can be released. Contracts can be resolved. Curses can be eradicated. You can experience a transformation of divine love by connecting to your long lost soul known as God. If you don’t like the term God, I understand. Simply understand that God is a term for connecting via a stair-step process to your Higher Self, Soul, Monad, ALL THAT IS, and most importantly Divine Love.

Divine Love is the ultimate tool for happiness, bliss, creativity, and manifestation. If you want to master manifestation, divine love is the key.

For those who wish to have their DNA activated and activate Divine Love, please seek out an ethical practitioner who follows the Universal Laws. A mentor must use his or her gifts in line with kindness, integrity, and impeccability.

Thanks to technology, you find mentors who work over Skype and can offer services without the cost of travel, food, and accommodations. A Codes of AH™ pracitioner can share the codes on the computer screen while he or she speaks the commands. Live sessions allow for flexibility as you are able to communicate your needs in the present moment to your mentor. The more you share, the faster you will activate your DNA, experience a connection to your Higher Self, release unnecessary emotions, experience divine love, and manifest the reality you wish to see appear.

For those wondering whether they should venture to South America to drink Ayahuasca, I encourage research and caution. Ayahuasca can open your awareness, but it can also be hard on the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of the body. Malcolm Rossiter, a former co-founder and friend at Blue Morpho Tours, chose to commit suicide on November 16, 2018 after years of drinking Ayahuasca.

The Codes of AH™ are a tool that will never harm your mental, emotional, and physical body. The Codes are benevolent, harmonic, decisive, specific, and transformative. If you are one of those people who want to know God, or you want to understand what you are supposed to do on earth, the Codes of AH™ will show you. The answer will not be in the time frame of others. The answer to your existence and purpose will be in the time frame of you and your Higher Self working together cohesively. Expect to know yourself deeper through your Soul Connection. Expect to manifest the reality you desire. Expect to feel Divine Love.

I drank Ayahuasca, viewed sacred geometry, released fear, became a Codes of AH™ Practitioner, and activated Divine Love. You can do it too without the vomiting, suffering, travel, or confusion. Divine love is for everyone.