How The American Church Was Bought Off In American Politics In 1954

How The American Church Was Bought Off In American Politics In 1954

There is one interesting influence in American politics that is never really thought too much of in recent days. Maybe its a case of out of sight out of mind.

Today, politicians have many constituencies to worry about, but it seems there’s little concern about one constituency that was very strong at one time. And that is the Church.

This constituency had influence in this nation, in fact in its birth, but now has been

  • trivialized and it has been minimized.

It has been marginalized and even ridiculed.

An Offer The Church Could Not Refuse (And Didn’t)

The American church in 1954 was made an offer she could not refuse. In 1954, then Sen. Lyndon Baines Johnson of Texas was afraid that he was to be reelected as he barely won his first election in 1948. It took a discovery of box 13 to do seal or “steal” his victory. Box 13, which held 72 of 73 votes for Johnson did the trick. But in 1954, Sen. Johnson became more powerful in the Senate, and the Johnson “treatment” would make its way to every corner of the Senate Chamber many times a session.

LBJ hatched an idea to silence the church, the 501(c)(3) corporation, which in lieu of taxes the church was ordered to stay out of politics, particularly elections.

  • It’s amazing how many churches adopted it take couldn’t sign up fast enough.
  • They skirted their duty.
  • If pastors don’t discuss political social issues then the congregants don’t think its important.
  • It’s amazing how fast the church sold itself to the devil.

And since that date in 1954, school prayer was disallowed in 1962. Then two years later in 1964, Supreme Court took out the Bible.

The US Supreme Court of 1962-64 comprised of a bench with only one legally trained jurist sitting on this vote to strike down school prayer, an innocent generic prayer to generic god asking for blessing on

  • students
  • nation
  • parents
  • teachers
  • since then all 4 categories have had major issues.
  • The School Prayer case Engel v Vitale in 1962 was first case in US history to not use a single precedent. The vote went down 8-1 with the jurist dissenting.

America continues to have politicians running for election and hot issue debates, but there is no fear of Christians. We’ve lost our place in the public debate, lost microphone if you will.

The Former Pastor of Coral Ridge Ministries, the late Dr. D James Kennedy, lamented many times that he couldn’t do many things he wanted to do because of 501C-3 nonprofit status that the church adopted.

The resulting Roe V Wade came down and to this day, 50 million people have died. A holocaust worse than slavery or Nazism. God is not happy, friends.

Our country was founded after the great revival of the 18th century and has been called the Presbyterian rebellion. Man became convicted of God, repented and believed.

  • George Washington said you “couldn’t govern a nation without God in the Bible,”
  • John Adams said “government could meet in the business of regulating its people that he needed a self-regulating people,”
  • John Jay first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said that it is “our duty to select Christian’s as leaders.”
  • 1892 US Supreme Court, one hundred years after the founding of the nation studied the founding documents, and declared that America is a Christian nation, pointing to eighty-seven historical documents saying they find more but surely that was enough precedent to prove the point.
  • The US Supreme Court, in the 19th century witnessed a case where a man spoke ill of Jesus and it was determined that an attack on Jesus as an attack on the country. These are all facts of our history, but now we have turned our back on God, and left to our own devices just like Noah in days of Noah, as the Bible says everyman has gone after his own way. Instead of God being the measure off all things, man has become the measure of all things, but the Bible still stands. The last time governments turned its back so willfully against God was during the French Revolution and a bloodbath is all we remember. And the nuclear age will culminate at Armageddon where the measure of man will make the French Revolution bloodbath seem very small. You have God’s word on it. Today however is day of salvation, there is still hope under grace, but only until He comes, then man stands on his own, with no proxy for sin.

Now gay marriage and four thousand babies die everyday, a 9/11 happens everyday in America, and if you say a peep you are vilified. Satan must be proud.