How Long Does a Lawsuit Take?

If you have a lawsuit you are probably wondering how long the lawsuit will take. A lot can be riding on your lawsuit. For example you may:

  1. Have attorneys expenses that build up until the lawsuit is settled.
  2. Be waiting until the settlement arrives.
  3. Be not making money until the case ends (due to a cease and desist or personal injury).

Because a lot can be at stake, you will want to get the most reasonable estimate for how long your lawsuit will take as possible. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to give you a short answer as to how long your lawsuit will take. There is just so much that it depends on.

One personal injury lawsuit may take six months and another that looks no different may take three years. It’s very unpredictable and it’s impossible to say how long your case will take.

All that being said, there are some industry averages:

Average Case, 2-5 years
Personal Injury, 2-3 years
Medical Malpractice, 2-3 years
Patent Issues, 1-5 years

The above times are simply industry averages that I’ve heard of. They are not legal advice. I’m not an attorney and you should consult your attorney as to how long he thinks your lawsuit will take.

The point of all this, however, is that unless you reach a settlement out of court (which could mean a much smaller settlement), it is likely to take a few years for your case to go through. It’s impossible to give an estimate of how long your lawsuit will take without all the data.

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