Five Reasons for Marital Distress and Why You May Need a Divorce Attorney

The many reasons why people decide to end their marriages are often complex. With a U.S. divorce rate of approximately 50%, life does not bring “happily ever after” for scores of couples. Here are five common reasons for marital separation that may lead you to need the services of a divorce attorney.

1. Infidelity

Infidelity can be either emotional or physical. When one partner is getting his or her emotional needs met by someone else, it can be just as damaging as a physical affair. Emotional affairs are common where satisfaction in a relationship is low, and they can be harder to get over than physical infidelity. Meanwhile, physical affairs can be isolated instances and happen when there are unmet needs in a relationship. A few warnings signs of either type of infidelity can be when a partner starts paying more attention to appearance, when someone becomes more protective of their electronic communications, or when they start spending increasing amounts of time away from home.

2. Financial Issues

This reason does not usually come as a surprise to most couples, as money is a source of grievance in many relationships. People who have committed their lives together and joined their finances may find that they argue over savings, spending, and financial decisions both small and large. In addition, if there is financial inequity between two people, this can cause regular conflict that ultimately leads to separation and the need for a divorce attorney.

3. Inability to Communicate

People may also make the decision to terminate their relationship when there is a constant communication breakdown. After being together well past the “honeymoon” stage, some communication may turn caustic and unhealthy. When this happens, one or both people may start to completely withdraw from meaningful communication or simply respond with negative communication patterns when forced. This is typical either after or during arguments and can create irreparable damage.

4. Unfulfilled Expectations

When coupledom begins, there are often lofty expectations set by both individuals. These expectations can cause tremendous anxiety and place undue stress on the relationship. Many people don’t know how much conflict can be involved in the day-to-day life of a typical couple. Also, if one party entered the union expecting certain needs would be met but these expectations were never communicated, great disappointment can ensue.

5. Loss of Autonomy

When two people first make a lifelong commitment, both often have rose-colored glasses in regards to the future. The reality is that often there has been no thought put into how to establish relational roles, which automatically determines the level of autonomy of both parties. Research suggests that to successfully maintain wedded bliss, one needs to be committed but also to maintain a sense of independence. Pre-marriage counseling can be a good forum to address the autonomy issue before entering into a contract that will eventually need dissolution with the help of a divorce attorney.

Although trends have changed over time, these are some of the common reasons for marital dissolution that haven’t changed much over the generations. Even after the most promising of beginnings, some may find themselves needing the services of a divorce attorney.