An Introduction To Three Terms – Sects, Cults, And Mind Control

What Is a Sect?

A sect is a group of people with very tight relationships and intolerant interpretation of traditions, beliefs, etc., if confronted with others; sects are the result of people who like to be seen as gods. Society’s behavior may be godless and sectarian; however, a sect’s motion engine is a religious projection. Criticizing it can identify a sect – it results in absolute hostility from its part, although God is merciful. A REAL MASTER, if you accepted him as such for all your life, should also agree with his investigation. If the “investigated ones” refuse “investigation”, they cannot stand on a clear path, although they offer such a path to you. They do the contrary – they crucify you. You see a contradiction. Are you a criminal? Crucifixion needs to be deserved.

Sects always bath in various cults, too – a cult of personality is the most common one among them.

What Is a Cult?

A cult is a specific approach to a certain goal, not always a religious one. It can be best illustrated on examples. Catholic Church is a mainstream religion which has not yet approved some places where Mother Mary had allegedly appeared. People who are visiting such places cultivate a “cult belief” (but other Catholics do not), which is often nondestructive, as there are destructive and nondestructive cults. A cult of personality in case of Napoleon cannot be seen purely as destructive, as it was filled with a political role and with ideals of the French Revolution, thus consequently seen differently by Russians in comparison to Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union.

Another example is cult of violence, which is seen very often in films on TV, as well as cult of “ideal female beauty”. If someone suffers with strabismus, he or she is seldom seen on screen of a TV company as a journalist, which is a violation of human rights. It is again a contradiction, as most of these media like to criticize human rights in other parts of the world.

Cult culture is part of our society and we are often (Mind Control) not aware of it. Some cults we deal with in our daily life (and possibly not knowing they are cults, being under the power of Mind Control) are: 1) cult of manliness (in Catholic Church, for example); 2) cult of ideal female beauty in fashion companies (which unfortunately results in anorexia); 3) cult of money; 4) cult of collective soul (almost everywhere), etc.

Cult of personality may be found on all social levels including business, religion, and politics (not all politicians cultivate such a cult) and it is hard to identify. A good technique how to identify it is criticism. We have some political parties here that oppress their members if they express what they think.

I read a good article in an American psychological journal (about collective soul) that the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster happened because the collective soul of the “best engineers” had simply ignored comments of other engineers who had not had such an “authoritative status” in the project; hence the “chosen ones” rejected objections which could have prevented the disaster.

Cults, Sects, Law And God

Cults and sects are often difficult to obliterate by laws. It was the democratic society in which Hitler won elections. History may repeat. Thus, it is hard to prove (give evidence) that someone follows a cult. Destructive cults are seen in bad light because their proprietors cultivate hostility and deform great personages and ideas of our history. God created this world in various colors and He must have had them in His plan. Cults develop a culture that makes people believe that a violet color is red.

Cults In Practice

A good idea would be to show how cults manipulate the general public’s opinion. Ole Nydahl, who is a Buddhist teacher, published many statements against Islam stating words such as, “Islam is bad”. It is generalization – the same thing as someone would say, “Germans are bad because they started World War II”. Ideas of national and religious intolerance do not belong to our civilized world. First of all, Moslims saved lives of many Jews in World War II. – it is only bad luck that media do not inform about this. I cannot accept statements such as, “When is the last time the Christians stoned anyone to death” to be used for generalization of Islam, as we must always look at concrete people, their bad customs and traditions. No one is stoned to death in the Islam world except Iran and most of us even do not know whether this custom is practiced everywhere in this county, which is also a cradle of Zoroastrianism.

Throughout history we have many proofs when concrete religious leaders abused Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism, so we must criticize them. If someone transmits signals of hatred without pointing to sins of concrete people, he is abusing Buddhism. Uninitiated people (who have never heard a word about Buddhism) may start thinking that, “Buddhism is against Islam”, which is an absolute nonsense. Buddhism is against violence and not against those Moslims who do not commit violence. You can also ask a similar question, “What is the last time you saw stoning, killing and shooting human beings?” The answer would be: “Every time I watch American films”.

What Is Mind Control?

It is a psychological manipulation of forced subconscious influence (with dependencies of thoughts and actions) – the one we feel but are not aware of its control. It can be easily illustrated on an example – you receive an MS Word document, but in order to read it you must have Microsoft Word. You do not have MS Word, so you must install it. But in order to install it, you need Windows. However, your computer is a bit old and you suddenly find out that Windows Vista needs at least 1024 MB of RAM. Windows Millennium is unavailable in stores. You must hurry, as XP will soon disappear too. You either bury your old computer (ecological catastrophe), or buy a new one. Of course, you can install Linux, CrossOver Office, but many other people will instead go to a shop and buy Vista and a new computer. You see here chains of dependencies that push streams of money to certain key points.

The point is that such a behavior is absolutely unfair toward software developers of other word editors. In labor market this means that an applicant for a job gets rejected because he does not like MS Word but uses OpenOffice – it is discrimination.

Cults and sects use Mind Control in a similar way – their goal is to “support” the “guru” (the product) or the “boss”, not God. The best way how to recognize people’s genuineness is to have the ability to see their challenges after allowing you to be investigated by your sincere and innocent questions.

To be genuine is also the wish of God. Crucifixion is the wish of devil.