A Green Card Attorney Can Help You Understand Which Green Card Application is Right For You

A green card attorney is the oracle of our country’s laws concerning legal residence in the United States of America. We all know how the world wants to come to come to America for a better life. One of the most popular ways is through a green card visa application.

“So what exactly is a Green card?” you might ask. It is a legal document permitting a foreigner to live and work in the U.S. permanently albeit under certain conditions. There are many ways of obtaining a green card and each of these routes has its peculiar processes and documentation. It is left to the individual to decide which one of these routes is most suitable. That can be a daunting task considering all the processes involved. Ironically many of these routes are subdivided into even smaller classes with their own requirements.

Quite confusing to the regular guy who just wants a visa, isn’t it? But it is not confusing to the right attorney.

This is why getting a attorney is very important. Here is a list of some of the ways of getting visa:

• Issued through family ties.
• Through a job or employment offer
• Through seeking refugee or asylum status

Those are the most common ways. There are others that are more restricted to particular groups of people. Some examples are:

• Amerasian child of a U.S. citizen
• Armed forces member
• American Indian born in Canada
• Haitian refugees

That’s just to name a few; the list of special cases and circumstances continues.

The knowledge and experience that an attorney would give would save you a lot of hassle.
Imagine having to sift through all the tons of paperwork involved. Having to decide which type of application you’re eligible for. Then deciding which one you would have the best chance of getting your card through. The whole process is certainly not very exciting for anyone but it’s something a green card attorney would do for you. An attorney would carefully go through details of each law putting each individual case into consideration. This way the likelihood of coming up with a successful application is much higher.

A green card attorney will still be of great help to you even when your application process is done and you have received your visa. It is not uncommon for green cards to withdrawn, usually in the case of the holder committing a crime; even one that might ordinarily not be deemed as serious.

There are also cases of card holders being denied reentry into the U.S. after being away for more than a specified time stated when they received the card. If you got a green card between the ages of 18 and 26 and you failed to register for selective service, you could be criminally prosecuted and ultimately deported. There are so many other rules guiding the issuance and processing of cards besides the few I’ve mentioned. Your attorney in immigration will give you more information on what to do to maintain your green card status legal.

A competent attorney can help in other circumstances too. They work directly with relevant government agencies like the immigration and Naturalization service (INS) AND THE USCIS to help you change your immigration status if you’re already in the U.S. on a non permanent visa.