What to Do in an Unhappy Marriage – Life is Too Short For a Bad Marriage

What to Do in an Unhappy Marriage – Life is Too Short For a Bad Marriage

Are you wondering what to do in an unhappy marriage? Let me tell you that life is not about being unhappy in your marriage. If you are in an unhappy marriage, then my heart goes out to you. Almost every married couple goes through a rough patch at some stage, but the difference between a good marriage and a not so good marriage, is the ability of those involved to overcome issues and get back to loving each other again. In your case, you have issues and they are not being addressed appropriately, hence your unhappiness.

Basically, you have three options – separate and move on, do nothing and live as you are (unhappy and sad), or get to the bottom of the issues and learn to love being married again.

It is not hard to work out what is the best option for most couples and that is learning to make up. Separating gives you an outcome that may be for the best; however, separating brings a whole heap of other issues which could make your situation even worse than now. Doing nothing is like living a lie. You cannot continue to live like this so gather the courage and do something for not only your sake but for the sake of everyone around you.

If you ask me “what to do in an unhappy marriage,” my strongest advice would be for the two of you to tackle the issue head on and communicate your feelings to each other. For all you know, your partner may be blissfully happy and ignorant of your feelings. Communication is the key to your entire problem and you will continue to be unhappy until you both start to communicate effectively with each other.

What you have to remember is that you fell in love with your partner and unless they are an axe murderer, there is no reason why those feelings of love that you had when you first met, can’t be rekindled. What you have been through and presently going through is an unpleasant situation. Take control of your life, address the issues and see if you can light the flame in your marriage again. If you can, in years to come, you will be so glad you learnt what to do in an unhappy marriage.

You will be amazed to learn that when some couples hit tough times in their marriage, they make basic mistakes which makes it even harder for them to fix their marriage.

If you want to learn what to do in an Unhappy Marriage and not make these basic mistakes, then you must learn to make changes in your marriage.