Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR) Improves Chances to Fatherhood

Acetyl L carnitine (ALCAR) may help you and other men with low sperm motility sire a child. Low sperm motility means that your sperm is not fast enough to do a Michael Phelps to fertilize the egg, hence no pregnancy takes place. Low sperm motility is one of the conditions that is telling of a poor sperm quality. Poor sperm quality contributes to a couple’s difficulty in conceiving in 40 percent of cases. Besides sperm motility, other parameters used by the World Health Organization to evaluate sperm quality are number of sperm cells, concentration of sperm cells and morphology.

No, acetyl L carnitine (ALCAR) is not a sperm donor but an amino acid which the body uses to convert fat into energy. But besides that it may increase your chances of becoming a dad. This is according to several trials demonstrating the effects of acetyl L carnitine (ALCAR) on sperm motility.

A 1992 study by Moncada showed that daily dose of 4 grams acetyl L carnitine (ALCAR) for two months increased progressive sperm motility from 22 to 38 percent with a steady rise of more than 40 percent in 12 out of 20 patients. Remarkable and sustained improvement was observed in 60 percent of the subjects. True indeed, the figures in the trial became flesh and five pregnancies resulted during the treatment period and two pregnancies came about within the four-month period following termination of treatment.

In a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial, 86 male subjects aged 20 to 40 years old received two grams per day of L-carnitine or placebo after a two-month washout period. After two months of treatment and another two month-washout period, the two groups were given crossover treatment for another two months. Results have shown that there was a statistically significant improvement in semen quality following L-carnitine therapy as measured against placebo. These improvements were particularly observed in sperm concentration, sperm linearity, total motile spermatozoa and forward sperm motility. Notably, subjects with lower initial values of forward sperm motility experienced more significant increase after L-carnitine treatment. And just like in the previously mentioned study, trial figures became flesh and eight pregnancies resulted within the whole observation period. The menstrual history of the female partners who became pregnant showed that all the pregnancies were realized while under the L-carnitine therapy phase.

These studies suggest that L-carnitine and acetyl L carnitine (ALCAR) is a heartening nutritional supplement for men wanting to have kids. The usual recommended dose for the powdered form of acetyl L carnitine (ALCAR) for male infertility is 500 milligrams per day for at least three to six months to give time for your sperm to mature. Acetyl L carnitine (ALCAR) presents a safe and affordable initial option in dealing with male infertility.