Win Your DUI Criminal Defense and Force the Government to Prove Their Case Part III

DUI attorneys and the need for them in the San Francisco Bay Area has grown dramatically in number over the last few years. An alarming trend, it seems that with the growing number of attorneys, there must be an increase in the number of DUI’s being handed out.

With the increased budget cuts and need for revenue in the State of California, it seems that these DUI Drunken Driving Charges are providing the city with much needed income. The number of DUI arrests happening in the San Francisco Bay Area and all over California is steadily growing. Forcing us Bay Area Residents to question the number of DUI Arrests and perhaps question the validity of the arrest itself. In the year 1990, California lowered her limit from 0.10% to 0.08%.

The current system in the Bay Area and all over California has a long line of convictions and the list is growing steadily. The increase in DUI arrests in Northern California also has to do with a major allotment of federal funding through the highways department that is funding DUI patrols, checkpoints, and a plan for increased DUI checks and enforcement focused on the major freeways and highways throughout Northern California.

The police and patrols have been focusing their energies on Freeways that you normally drive on, such as;

* I-680

* US Route Highway 101

* I-580

* Interstate 80

* Hwy 37

When arrested or charged with a DUI Offense these days, talking to an attorney quickly and in a timely manner is vitally important. A Northern California DUI attorney will argue against the charges made against you and help you to keep your driver’s license. Any reputable defense attorney in good standing will give a free initial consultation for your case.

Talking to an attorney can be a real eye opener for most people and is very important to truly understanding the intricacies of the DUI and DMV court processes. A good DUI lawyer in California will challenge every aspect of your incident and work with the deputy District attorney to try and work out a reduction in your sentence. A good DUI attorney will look for a dismissal all together if the evidence against you isn’t sufficient.

It is nowadays becoming more and more difficult to win Drunken Driving cases in the California with stricter laws and less lenient judges directing the current case load. When charged with a DUI in California, usually the following vehicle section codes will apply.

Vehicle Codes:

* 23152 (a) Misdemeanor to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

* 23152 (b) Misdemeanor to operate a motor vehicle with a .08 percent or higher blood alcohol concentration.