When Miscommunication Resides In Marriage

When Miscommunication Resides In Marriage

Miscommunication techniques are essential in a good marital, friendship relationship: before the red light danger zone activates.

Wearing eyeglasses may contribute focus to a clear view during a situation. Marital misunderstanding, complications or a situation is misperceived seeking attention for a clear view, when one or both partners are misinterpreting or lacking listening skills.

Broken eyeglasses determine that one or both partners are not consciously aware of what is of pertinent importance, indicates that one’s vision and perception is impaired. One or both partner may not be seeing the facts correct or constructive.

Reading the body and facial expressions represents any contradictions, dishonesty, disbelief, behavior, manners or doubts. It may also indicate concern, unease or disapproval.

Eye contact at all times during miscommunication may endure closeness, knowledge, enlightenment, understanding, comprehension and intellectual conscious awareness. Unconscious thoughts, patterns, habits and attitudes may rise to the surface symbolizing insight on something that you need to be aware of in order to understand each other. When one partner avoids looking into your eyes of the other, its factual evidence that he/she is not ready to intellectually converse.

Literally expression, words or actions may represent to stop and look within. Before you focus on your partner. Trust your intuition and instincts. If during a heated situation one partner becomes extremely negative toward you, simply learn to walk away by suggesting let’s take five, five can refer to five minutes of cooling down and then reunited to resolve. It’s surprising what five minutes of analyzing the complication can bring to your awareness. Most important when making a decision to follow communication rules – such as taking minutes, both partners have to agree, otherwise, one partner may feel neglected, resulting in rage to higher red light activation. Avoid this situation for strength and growth in your marriage and friendship.
Otherwise, this condition will represent an obstacle co-existent path. Avoid critical view and faults in others: alternatively focus choosing to demand self- awareness of the situation and importance.

Ignorance on eye contact indicates your refusal to accept your partner’s point of view. This manner or attitude indicates you are one-sided in your ways of thinking. If one is angry with a partner it’s safe to say its time for cool down, this time may provide time for understanding and reconnection, instead of playing the blame game, as in my personal experience blaming others, is not the proper answer, we must first work within ourselves to understand faults or pain in others. When we allow blame or blame others we are simply masking our own agenda of our own fears to accept our past painful experiences. Once you provide an avenue to self -awareness and consciousness of your own inner-child experience of pain, you will begin to determine, immersing and co- exist with your partner to work on understanding each other.

Verbal fights are detrimental as physical fighting – if not worse, due to the fact, that there’s an emotional abuse taking place, which becomes mental abuse. Physical abuse is just intolerable period, if one partner wants to draw blood, is a fair sign to say, you’re not in a safe place of comfort. Love does not require any tolerance for violence, simply unacceptable.
At times one partner may neglect to realize that they are delivering painful messages to the other partner to relieve the pain within them selves, causing more distress to other partner, subconsciously, saying unnecessary hurtful things in order to protect one’s own ego, the ego is the majority of the complication, from the beginning, as if one has pertinent information to prove who’s right or wrong, yet one partner may continue to weigh down the relationship by becoming controlling while hanging things over your head. That at one point you may have shared when there was a friendship and that partner took your strength of sharing such information as weakness. When friendship begins to deteriorate so then everything else follows, such as sexual complications. One partner begins to feel unsatisfied. Then things tend to worsen, yelling begins and both partners become frustrated, seeking outside of the relationship for friendship and more.

Why because respect is now lost, in other to re-activate the green light you must first stop at the red light and proceed with caution.

Somehow, both partners need to stop and think before proceeding into a danger zone. To gain communication, the first step, stop and listen to each other. No matter how painful. No one is to say it’s easy. However, it provides a chance for challenge and reconnection.

If you have a difficult time speaking without yelling, I suggest you begin to write back and forth without speech, attentive to each other sitting across from one another. Never in your temple of love, (Bedroom) the place where you share intimate love it’s important that sacred place holds only positive energy.

This teaches patients, connection, reassurance, understanding, friendship and most of all communication. In regards to the inner -child, do not fear what comes up, begin to share things that may have come up from the past that contributed or triggered your feelings to show up in a certain way at that moment. Subconsciously we tend to carry old habits that reside deeply wounded within. Furthermore, we tend to disrupt our new treasure, to compensate for old wounds.

The top three complications for marital affairs are communication, finance and sex. Communication symbolizing inner vision and insight from within may bring light to the relationship. You need to start looking within yourself to understand your partner, many times affairs occur when one partner is not 110% focused and/or committed on exchanging their complete love energy with their partner, one must realize when a partner has an affair, that partner is to take and accept complete responsibility, for their own lack of communication and dissatisfaction. By communicating you may save your marriage from any mishaps. That is where friendship really has value and respect for one another.

If you close your eyes to truth or refusal: In regards to something or avoidance of intimacy. You may be expressing feelings of hurt, pain or sympathy. Your partner may want to retract from negative ventures in order to spark things up in favor of the commitment. Romance is present when everything else is smooth sailing.

If your partner’s interest is not in the wealth of the relationship it denotes that you are not seeing straight with regards to some situation. You may be getting your facts mixed up, you’re partner may have lost interest long ago, in order to re- spark into romance, there has to be a commitment of pure love and desire.

Conflict is part of life regardless, that is what provides a crutch for growth and when both partners are aware they are conscious of action and reaction toward each other and in turn this provides growth within the relationship. However it’s important to have structure for a potential long lasting growth in the same direction.

Communication and friendship is the key to a happy long lasting marriage.