Ways To Reduce Your Federal Prison Sentence

Ways To Reduce Your Federal Prison Sentence

Federal prison sentences can be very lengthy, and with having to serve all most all of your time it will most likely be a long slow sentence. However, there are a few ways to reduce your sentence.


Cooperation is the way that you can reduce your prison sentence the most. In the Federal criminal justice system, there are actually rules that allow you to cooperate with the government, or have a third party cooperate in some instances to get your sentence reduced. The most common is called a Rule 35 motion. Another almost as common is called a 5K1 motion. Both these motions are filed by the federal prosecutor after the defendant has provided substantial assistance to the government. There is a good chance to get a substantial reduction in your sentence when cooperating, some say the average is around a 1/3 off, but there are many factors that are taken into account. A professional prison consulting firm can help you through this process, particularly helping do third party cooperation, something lawyers are not as familiar with and don’t really handle.

Good Time

Good time in the federal system is 15% off of the sentence. You most behave while in prison to receive the full amount off, or you can have some good time redacted by the BOP. If you calculate the actual percentage of good time, it really comes out to you serving about 87% or getting about 13% off. There have been many disputes arising from this disparity, mostly through appeals, and the way the math is done because of there formula it does equate to only about 13% off.


The Residential Drug Abuse Program is a program the BOP has in place for prisoners that qualify. It offers up to 12 months off if completed, but usually is less. There are many restrictions to if you qualify for the program, such as – no violent offenders, must of used drugs, committed rape, used a firearm in a crime just to list a few.