Using NLP Technique, Hakalau, to Make Law of Attraction Work

What is the law of attraction and how can it work hand in hand with NLP? Is there really an NLP technique that can help you better utilize the Law of Attraction to your advantage?

Since the launch of the movie “The Secret”, it seems that the Law of Attraction has evolved to become one of the hottest topics in the modern field of personal development. The Law of Attraction actually refers to a universal law that the focus of your thoughts becomes the reality that you are living. Whatever you are constantly focusing your attention on, you will get more of it!
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The reason why NLP and the Law of Attraction work hand in hand is because both begin with the mind.

With NLP, our thoughts drive us to feel a certain way, which causes us to behave in a certain way, creating certain outcomes. With the Law of Attraction, our thoughts changes our internal energy levels in some way, and things, people, and events with similar energy levels are attracted to us, and us to them.

There’s a powerful NLP technique that you can master to enhance the effect of the Law of Attraction. Taught in both our Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs, this NLP technique helps to put us in a receptive and relaxed state to attract the things that we want to attract into our life.

Known as Hakalau or the Peripheral Vision, this is a NLP technique that has its origin in Hawaii. In fact, the meaning of Hakalau is “to stare at as in meditation and to allow your awareness to spread out”.

How Does NLP Technique, Hakalau, Work?

1. Begin the process by picking a spot on the wall to focus your attention on. This spot should be preferably above eye level, so that your field of vision seems to bump up against your eyebrows. Nonetheless, ensure that the eyes are not so high such that they cut off the field of vision.

2. The next phase of this technique is to “let go”. According to the Law of Attraction, true power comes to a person through the process of letting go yet remaining focused. As you stare at the chosen spot, your intention is to allow your mind to go loose, and focus all of your attention on the spot.

3. Next, allow your vision to spread out gradually, as you see more and more in the peripheral vision than you do in the central part of your vision (foveal vision).

4. Continue to pay attention to the new awareness and sublime experience that you have created through the use of your peripheral vision. You should be feeling more relaxed, peaceful and calm than ever before. This is also a state whereby you are unlikely to experience any stress, worry, anger etc.

5. Stay in this state (peripheral vision) for as long as you can. Notice how it feels to be one with everything around you. Surrender to the greater force within you, since the state of surrendering is necessary for you to tap into the power of the Law of Attraction. Notice the joy that begin to infiltrate you as you continue to hold on to the state. Create an anchor for this positive state.

6. You are now ready to take charge of your life and harness the power of the Law of Attraction more effortlessly through the use of Hakalau.

Many of our practitioners were fascinated by this NLP technique when they were first introduced to it. In fact, many reported to learn better and absorbed more when they were using the Hakalau NLP technique.

Try it and experience the effects of Hakalau yourself. In order to learn how to swim, you have to get wet.

Remember, the NLP technique works, if only you work it. So, start working on the Hakalau and expanding your peripheral vision now!

And don’t forget to share your experience with Hakalau. We definitely look forward to hearing your success story.