The Way to a No Hassle Rhode Island Divorce? Take a Short Cut!

Rhode Island Divorces don’t have to be a messy hassle. Yet most divorces end up being just that. Is there an answer…. ABSOLUTELY!

Imagine divorce as a bumpy road set of roads that you must travel to get to the court which is miles away in order to get a ticket to go your separate way from your spouse and be entitled to go your separate way or get married to another person.

Here’s the catch, you and your spouse both have to get there and you don’t have to travel together if you don’t want to, you both just need to get to the courthouse for the issuance of that final paper.

Now, along the way you may already be frustrated with your situation. There may be hurt feelings… a shortage of money…. maybe even feelings of revenge . . as well as and the need to know what to expect along the way.

Along this divorce journey to get the court’s final decree there are many paid guides along each main road and side street offering their services for a charge. Each has different ideas and philosophies on how the journey should be made, what you should take with you, and which roads are the best to travel to get you there. They all look different and they all charge different prices.

With all the guides out there telling you that you just won’t make it without their services it’s pretty easy for you to begin doubting yourself and hire someone for your protection. Your spouse will run into the same thing and he too may hire someone or decide to go it alone.

In the end, the longer you have your guide the more it costs you. The more issues the guide raises and the more power you give him or her to protect your interests. … yes…. the more it costs you and the longer it takes you.

So is there a way to achieve a no hassle divorce in Rhode Island? Yes, there is. It’s not a frequently traveled short cut but it does exist. It gets you to an agreement, gets you before the court and gets you that little paper known as your divorce decree faster than any method that I know of as a Rhode Island lawyer who has chosen to focus his practice in the area. It involves using one lawyer, the Ethical Rules of Professional Conduct, less money and a good judge of character about the right guide for you.

The shortcut allows you to decide your own future, your own assets, your own guide, the shortest timeframe allowable and the peace of mind of knowing that you addressed the matter as a reasonable adult.

It’s a shortcut that’s been around for a while, is rarely used, and hasn’t even been named yet… perhaps I’ll name it.

Do you want an economical, hassle free Rhode Island Divorce with a guide who can take you through the short cut in the process?