The Truth Behind the Old Superstition of a Wife Bringing Misfortune to Her Husband

The Truth Behind the Old Superstition of a Wife Bringing Misfortune to Her Husband

In the olden days, many prospective in-laws would consult fortune tellers to see if their future daughter-in-laws would bring their sons luck. Back then, the fortune teller’s verdict would determine whether a woman would get married at all. Some women were “labeled” as trouble. They were said to bring misfortune or even death to their husbands.

As a result, these poor women are being condemned. Some of them stay single throughout their lives because no one wanted to marry them. In other extreme cultures, these women were being stoned or burned to death. Unfortunately, some of these fortune tellers were being paid to tell lies. Because of these lies, lives are being ruined.

As a practitioner of Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, I was curious about this superstition. Is it really true that a woman can bring misfortune to her husband and even death? I decided to do a research on this matter. For many years, I wasn’t able to find an answer, until sometime in 2003.

In 2003, a client of mine asked me about her friend. She told me that her friend was “suffering” from poor romance luck. This friend was attractive and had many guys after her. But the relationship never lasted, she went from boyfriend to boyfriend to boyfriend and it was all short term. My client asked me whether something could be done about it.

I did an analysis on her date of birth, and it was exactly the type of 8 characters which “will bring misfortune” to her husband. I will list out the 8 characters here and you will be able to learn how does the whole thing work.

This client’s friend was born on 24th June 1985, between 3am to 5am. Her 8 characters are as follows.

Year Pillar: Wood Ox
Month Pillar: Water Horse
Day Pillar: Wood Horse
Hour Pillar: Fire Tiger

In her case, the element that represents her husband/boyfriend is Metal. At a glance, there is totally no Metal in her 8 characters. Instead, there is a lot of Fire and Wood (Horse represents Fire). In this case, too much Fire destroys Metal, which means that her boyfriend/husband is being “destroyed” by Fire. In olden days, this type of 8 characters are the “condemned” cases, as these women were believed to bring misfortune to their husbands.

In this case, my analysis was that my client’s friend will never be able to get into a stable relationship with any guy, because the strong Fire destroys the Metal. Her relationship luck will only be smooth during Autumn and Winter. When Spring comes, she will run into problems with her relationship. Summer, things will be at their worst.

Another interesting thing to note is the presence of the 2 Sex Stars in her 8 characters. Since she was born under the Ox sign, her Sex Star is represented by Horse. As you can see above, there are 2 Horses in her 8 characters, in her day and month pillar. This also means that she is very popular among the opposite sex. However, her Sex Star represents her unfavorable element, Fire. This means that her sex life is not satisfactory.

According to my client, she sleeps around with many guys, but none of them are serious about her. My client told me that she gave sex to get love from her “boyfriends”. Her situation is quite tough as the Fire in her 8 characters is too strong. In order for her to “find the right guy”, she will need to increase the effect of Water in her daily life, and also to look for someone born in Winter. I hope that she has already found the right guy.