The Marriage Relationship – 3 Foundation Stones To Building A Lasting Love Marriage Relationship

Building a strong love marriage relationship is an art. But there are 3 simple-to-remember relationship tips that can ease you both along the pathway to a lifetime of married love, passion and romance.

1. The commitment to love

In getting married, you agree to love one another through thick and thin. But most of us have been fooled into thinking that love is something that we experience and feel rather than something we do. Start to reframe your understanding of what love is. Love in marriage is a verb. You have to work at it. Your commitment is your promise to work at it, throughout your married life. The couples who both work at creating love throughout their married life, get to experience the rewards of an ongoing, blissful love marriage relationship.

2. Marriage is a self-improvement project

Marriage is the start line not the finish line. You thought you could give up and veg out once you’ve landed that big fish husband of yours? You think you can slob around now you’ve got a ring on that gorgeous girl’s finger? Perish the thought! Carry with you the intention to do better today than you did yesterday. Improve upon the way you interact with your life partner. Keep things fresh. If you mess up, admit it, apologise and loosen up enough to try something new. Take advice from your partner. Be flexible enough to change, to grow and to become something bigger and better than you were before. Keep yourselves healthy and smart. Self-improvement is incredibly attractive and a sure way to keep the fires of passion blazing in your love marriage relationship.

3. The honest mind

Don’t be one of those nitwits who think that valuing ‘honesty’ in a marriage gives them a license to be blunt and cruel. In love marriage relationships, honesty is a willingness to look at yourself and your actions and see where you might be being pig-headed. It means looking at your relationship with a clear head. Examining your soul to see how you can create a better life experience for both of you. It also means communicating clearly with one another. So many marriages founder because of simple misunderstandings. Develop the ability to look honestly at yourself, develop the responsibility to create positive changes, and be willing to reveal and communicate what you find with your partner. Such acts of intimacy forge powerful lasting bonds.

Follow in the footsteps of the joyful

Your love marriage relationship is unique. But you will experience similar challenges to every other married couple. Why not shortcut your learning curve and learn from those who are already living successful married lives? Michael Webb took the trouble to interview married couples who fell into the top 1% of those with happy, successful marriages and got them to reveal their strategies for long-lasting married love, romance and passion in The 50 Secrets to Blissful Relationships.

It’s always so much easier to learn from experienced mentors who’ve already charted a course through the choppy waters of life. And if you want to guarantee your love marriage relationship grows from strength to strength, be sure to check out that resource. Meanwhile, use the relationship tips above to steer your marriage towards joy, passion and intimacy which will last a lifetime. I wish you great happiness and love in all your moments together.

Copyright 2007 Anne Amore