The Federal Job Search Criteria

The federal Job search website has a mission to facilitate government job seekers to locate a job of their choice by walking them through the confusing and laborious maze of the federal employment process. The sea of information available within the government is extremely user-unfriendly and is not easy to understand by anyone, especially young job seekers fresh out of college. The criteria, thus, is to make things simple for job seekers by bringing the wealth of career and job related information to the forefront.

What Should Be Your Criteria To Search For A Government Job?

Having decided to go for a government job, you must decide on a particular type of job to target. The jobs available in Federal Government and State Government are not all same, as the departments are not the same, either.

Where Do I Find Government Jobs?

Bound by constitutional responsibilities and the law of transparency, all government jobs are advertised in public newspapers. All government jobs are advertised in the government’s own publications and all newspapers, nationwide if it is Federal recruitment and state and district level newspapers for respective state government agencies.

The Federal Government also runs several websites, of which federal job searches and USA Jobs are prominent. The sites let you register for free with them for various features such as posting your resume and setting up job alerts to be triggered by certain criteria that you set. The alerts are delivered at your given email address safely and securely.

It is very important that you look into the services pages on various websites. For example, some services are premium and limited to paid members only. The Federal job search site also offers a comprehensive resume writing service through certified resume writing professionals.

Look for eligibility criteria before you apply or post your resume on these sites. Although there are specific eligibility criteria set out for independent jobs, there are other general ones applying for all government jobs. These are:

o American Nationality

o Veterans eligibility

o Current Federal employees for a change in employment

o Age limitations

Create Multiple Profiles on Government Job Sites

Create multiple profiles for extended opportunities that are permissible on these websites and set individual job alerts for each profile. You can set profiles by your job preferences, such as job location, by career, salary etc.

The Department of Labor,, trains all government job seekers by way of training grants awarded through Employment & Training Administration. The grant awardees, individual communities, technical colleges etc are required to train individuals for high growth, highly skilled jobs within the government. This President’s grant runs to the tune of over $100 million. This year, is anyone’s guess because of a $125 million grant that the agency received.

If you carefully plan for obtaining a government job, you will be successfully, rather easily. To that end, it pays to attend training courses and higher education in your field. Look for your qualification to attend training/certification courses, which are generally available to students, current workers etc.

Though there is not a lot of competition for government jobs, getting through shouldn’t be difficult for the right candidate who is sufficiently prepared.