The Basics of Single Mothers Rights

The Basics of Single Mothers Rights

Single moms have a lot of responsibilities to take care of, and one that should not be overlooked is understanding basic single mothers rights. With the high rate of divorce that the United States and many other countries possess, it is common for issues to arise in which custody battles may result. There are also unwed mothers rights to protect moms who have children out of wedlock. This article will provide you with the basic facts so you can keep yourself prepared and informed.

Single mothers legal rights, especially when it comes to custody battles, can be complicated, so it is often a good idea to seek the assistance of a professional lawyer. If you are a single mom, then you have certain biological rights to your children which are upheld in court. For example, in legal battles where custody is disputed children are almost always given to the mother. While this is not based on any particular law, it is most common for judges to award custody to the mother as long as they can prove themselves fit to take care of their children.

One of the most important single mothers rights is the right to have custody of her child. Even in cases where a mother is putting a child up for adoption, should she change her mind after the adoption process had already finished, there is a good chance that the courts will award her with custody over her child in the end. Both wed and unwed mothers rights are identical when it comes to having custody over their children, so whether or not you were ever married to the father is completely immaterial as far as the court is concerned.

The only time when single mothers legal rights are challenged is when she is determined to be unfit to care for her children. If it has been proven that a mom has been purposely neglectful of her children, refusing to provide them with their needs or being abusive, there are cases where a court may take custody of your children. You may also be declared unfit if you have a mental illness that infringes on your ability to take care of your children.

Single mothers rights extend to how she decides to raise and take care of her children, this includes matters such as religious upbringing, the child’s education, medical care decisions, and so on. In general as long as you are not breaking the law when it comes to these matters, you have the freedom to handle these matters as you personally see fit.

Hopefully you have found this article to be of assistance in helping you understand single mothers rights. No resource can be a substitute for a good lawyer in situations concerning custody and so forth, so if your rights are being challenged, see that you hire a good attorney.