Tease and Denial – The Key to a Happy Marriage?

Tease and denial is an essential part of any marriage where male chastity is a major part of the lifestyle.

There’s a common belief in some circles that male chastity means it’s a man’s place to be simply “locked and left”. However for most men…

Tease and Denial

Is usually absolutely essential for his happiness and satisfaction with the male chastity lifestyle, even if not for his health and physical wellbeing. Contrary to popular opinion, there is NO conclusive evidence I’m aware of to suggest long term orgasm control and severe tease and denial is harmful to health; uncomfortable, frustrating, and maddeningly delicious, yes…

But harmful?


You see one of the fundamental principles of male chastity and orgasm control is your man is not allowed to orgasm until you say so. For reasons I won’t get in to here, this is something MOST men will enjoy, at least given time to get used to the idea.

However, chastity is NOT the same as celibacy — which is what he would have if you just locked him and then ignored him. This is NOT what he wants.

What he wants is tease and denial. He wants you to take him — repeatedly — to the edge of a toe-curling, spine cracking orgasm… and then refuse to let him cross that point of no return.

Yes, he’ll beg and plead with you to let him come…

And in that moment he really will mean it. But while he WANTS to orgasm he CRAVES denial. This is how the brain is of a man who loves male chastity. It’s hard for us women to understand, I know. But from my own experience living the strict male chastity lifestyle with my husband for the past three years I ALSO know this is what he wants and needs.

And, of course, this is why I say male chastity in general, and tease and denial in particular are NOT for couples whose relationships are not fundamentally sound and loving (in other words, if you hate the sight, sound and touch of each other, something that’s meant to INCREASE the intimacy between you simply isn’t going anywhere).

One problem many women have with it in the beginning — and I was definitely among them — is we are used to men getting angry and upset if we don’t give them what they want (and by that, I mean give them an orgasm!).

Many of us have been called hateful things like “prick tease” in the past. For that reason it’s important for the ladies to realise this IS what your man wants; and it’s important for the men to realise exactly how nervous she is about all this — so don’t get riled or disappointed if she doesn’t get it right first time, or even seems not to understand what you want and why you want it!


There Is an Art to Tease and Denial

Like anything worthwhile it takes practice to get it right (and you’re bound to make mistakes in the beginning and let him come when you don’t mean to — but there’s no need for that to be a big deal unless you make it one). But ultimately it’s well worth the effort you put into it.

And your man will thank you for it… eventually.

If you’re serious about discovering the secrets to strict tease and denial, without the hype and nonsense you’re tired of reading on the blogs and forums, then…