Quick Tips on Why You Should Not Fear the Process Server

For many people, being served automatically brings about a negative connotation, thus creating feelings of caution and stress. Typically when someone is served, a person is being handed papers relating to a law suit, and are papers that must legally be in that person’s hands. These papers generally tell someone that they must appear in court or that they must respond to or at least understand that a legal matter is taking place that may involve them. When someone is served papers, oftentimes they assume that they are being sued. Because of this, it is clear why people react negatively when being served. It is also obvious as to why those who deliver the papers, otherwise known as the person who is serving someone, is seen as the villain. The messenger in this situation is often disliked and blamed for the issue at hand. It is important to remember not to blame this person, and rather to make the necessary steps to protect one self.

To be more specific, when being served, a person should make sure that they do not ignore or avoid the legal papers that they were handed. It is very possible that upon being handed these papers, a person has been sued, so ignoring these papers could cause a judgement to be filed against you. If this takes place, your credit could be ruined and your bank accounts and property seized. Another consequence of ignoring these papers could be being thrown in jail. A lawsuit can be defined as a claim of damages (money) that is owed by the person being sued. This can be caused by a variety of legal reasons, and should be paid attention to immediately.

Here are a few tips on what to do and what not to do upon being served. One of the most important things to do would be to make sure that you do not say anything to the process server about the incident, and you should also make sure not to contact the person who initially sent you the papers. The same goes for the person who is suing you-minimal contact is best. Another good thing to do when being served is to make sure that you save all of the papers and make sure that they are kept neat and are as close as how they were when you first received them. Additionally, if someone leaves papers for you, or tries to hand legal papers to you, it is best to keep the papers and keep them safe rather than ignoring them. Once again, something that you should not do when receiving legal papers is ignore them-this will not help your case! Finally, the last time is to make sure that you consult an experienced and worthy lawyer-it is vital to protect your rights in situations like these.

As you can see, it is important to talk to a legal professional when being served, as many people in this situation are afraid and do not know what step to make next.