North Cyprus Properties

North Cyprus Properties

If you are considering purchasing one of the lovely North Cyprus properties currently available, you should first employ the services of a North Cyprus solicitor. It is always best to use a solicitor who resides in the country in which you intend to purchase property, since not all property laws are the same as in your own country.

Having taken that wise precaution, North Cyprus properties are available at well below the prices you would pay in most of Europe or North America for similar properties. You can purchase individual detached homes for permanent residential use, or residences specifically designed for vacation use. Many of the latter, and the former for that matter, are contained in complexes that provide all the facilities you will need such as gyms and entertainment facilities.

Many beautiful areas in North Cyprus are still underdeveloped, and new properties are springing up and coming onto the market all the time. If you are considering purchasing a North Cyprus property, either for permanent or vacation use, there are several online development companies that can offer you excellent prices on apartments in newly developed complexes. All of these are beautifully appointed, and you can take a virtual tour on the internet of most of them.

Most new North Cyprus properties generally come with fully fitted kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, and there is little you need purchase yourself before you take ownership and move in. Some are available on a rental basis if needed, though most people who decide to live in North Cyprus fall in love with the country immediately and decide to purchase as soon as they can.

You can purchase penthouses, town houses, villas, apartments and North Cyprus properties either on the beach or in the countryside, whichever is your preference. You choose from newly built homes, or established residences, finance plans are available on all properties on offer. An average sized house is three bedrooms with terraces and balconies at a price of around $200,000, but you can also purchase apartments for under $60,000.

Most North Cyprus properties offer excellent extras such as swimming pools, saunas and jacuzzis, and many are built around cultural and historical attractions, or such exclusive facilities as championship golf courses and seaside resorts. Imagine waking up in the morning, having a quick shower and then strolling onto your balcony to watch them teeing off at the ninth hole. Your residency might even involve membership, and you can nip down for a quick few holes after breakfast.

North Cyprus property developments are springing up around prime areas such as the superb Korineum Golf and Country Club and highly prized coastal districts and prices for residences and holiday homes are rising accordingly though are still relatively inexpensive as the prices above indicate. This is a good time to buy, before the prices rocket as the economy continues to push house prices up.

North Cyprus properties developed by companies such as SeaTerra have little need for you to employ a solicitor other than to draw up your contract and tell you where to sign, and to hand you the keys. What a wonderful moment that would be, to know that you are now the owner of one of the beautiful North Cyprus properties that everybody will soon be falling over themselves to purchase.