NLP Anchoring and the Law of Attraction

What is the law of attraction and how can it be affected with NLP?

The Law of Attraction is the universal law that the focus of your thoughts becomes the reality that you are living. What you focus on is attracted to you. As one of the spokesman for the law attraction Mike Dooley states “Thoughts Become Things”. The principles of the law of attraction have been used in people’s lives all over the world to bring success, relationships, personal wealth, and white jaguars. The law of attraction, when used in a person’s life, literally makes dreams come true.

How can you begin to use the law of attraction in your own life? The law of attraction is easy to apply to your life and some might say that is seems to be too simple to work. Many people do not know that they are actively taking part in the law of attraction on a daily and moment to moment basis in their lives already. To begin to use the law of attraction you may use the following steps.

1. Clearly in your mind think of what it is that you want to attract into your life be it a new home, a car, a specific relationship or personal wealth.

2. State to yourself that you have the thing that you are attracting now.

3. Next, take 5 – 10 minutes each day and visualize yourself with the attracted thing, or event as if it were happening now. Feel the feelings and see the things that are congruent to having your dream now.

4. Continue this exercise once a day and allow your unconscious mind and the universe to align their selves with your will.

To clarify some of this process I will explain some of the steps in greater detail. When you are deciding what you are going to manifest into your life be very specific. Make sure when you are stating what you are attracting to yourself that you state it in the positive. If you have bills racking up do not focus on not having bills, focus and state that you have abundance and in this case be specific about how much abundance you are looking for.

When you visualize your wish happening in the present, make it so vivid to yourself that you can feel the excitement and gratitude of having this thing now. Make a note to include yourself in your visualization. If you are in want of a new car, see yourself in the car; see your hands on the steering wheel of this car. It is important to see yourself in the vision so that your unconscious mind and the universe understand you are not merely attracting seeing this new vehicle, but that you are indeed driving and have ownership of this new amazing dream. Your unconscious mind does not know the difference between what is visualized and what is actually seen. The results of this are that your unconscious mind will begin to make adjustments in yourself to make your focus your reality.

Be encouraged as you progress with this process that as you remain focused on your goal, it will come about. Continue to visualize everyday even though it may appear the results are not happening as quickly as you would like.

NLP can accelerate the law of attraction

To Reiterate; the key points of the law of attraction are to feel the intensity of the feelings that accompany you having your dream and secondly to vividly visualize your dream as a current reality.

For the first and most important aspect of the law of attraction, which is to feel the emotions and feelings of this new reality coming to pass, a powerful NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique can be used called anchoring. Anchoring in short, is attaching a neurological response to an external stimulation. An example of this is when you are in love with someone and you see their number form onto your caller you may notice your heart begin to race before you even answer the phone. Another example of an anchor that is used powerfully in marketing is through the use of music. You may feel a certain emotion when listening to specific songs. In recent car commercials I have seen the use of a variety of popular songs from the 70’s. These songs are used knowing that the target audience has an emotional response to them. The principle behind this is to attach the summer fun you felt in the 70’s to the fun you can feel in this new vehicle.

Now that you have an understanding of an anchor as an external stimulation that triggers an internal state I will explain how this can be used to enhance the process of actively attracting things and events into your life. Anchoring can be effectively used to trigger the states of excitement and joy as you want to apply to your dream and its fulfillment. In the event of your visualization you will now be able to trigger the powerful emotions that are the driving force of creating reality.

How do you go about making an anchor? There are many ways to make an anchor; I will layout several strategies to follow and you can choose the one that best works for you. First off what you are looking for in a reality creating state is: gratitude, joy, excitement and ecstasy. These are a great place to start to show your unconscious mind and the universe that this is something that you really want.

One method you can use to gain immediate access to these states is through music.

1. Find a piece of music that you particularly like, a piece of music you have access to every day is obviously preferred.

2. Now that you have your piece of music ready to play, put it on repeat if possible and begin to play the music.

3. As the music is playing what you are going to do is begin to allow yourself to experience some powerful memories.

You will think of a time when you felt gratitude for any reason. See yourself in that very moment, seeing what you saw and feeling what you felt. Make sure that you relive these memories in the clearest way you possibly can. At the moment you feel the feeling intensely immediately shift your attention to the next memory you will be using. Now find memories for each of the feelings you will be anchoring including: joy, excitement, and ecstasy

4. When you have relived several memories and felt the multiple feelings you are looking for you can turn off the music.

5. Now that the music is off, you need to forget about the whole experience and think of something else, such as what your address is, what your mother’s maiden name is, and what the model of your first car was.

6. Now it is time to test the anchor. To test an anchor it is very simple, all you need to do is introduce the stimulation again. In this case turn your song on again, and notice that you can feel the feelings of Gratitude, joy etc…

7. If you do not feel the feelings as intensely as you would like replay the song again as many times as you wish and attach as many powerful memories as you want. You may find yourself having a whole lot of fun doing this because you will start to remember things you haven’t thought of in a long time, think of the things that bring a smile to your face and a warmth in your heart.

Another method to anchor emotional states is by physical touch. This is my personal favorite when working with another person because it is more intimate and I feel more of a connection between us as we are working together to overcome specific problems or bringing out desired emotional states. This method is also powerful when doing this work on your own.

1. First you are going to choose a place on your body that you will touch with a light to medium pressure. (Note: I would recommend an area on your knee for this technique. A key point to take into consideration is to touch the same place with each emotion and to apply the same pressure each time. Many people ask if it has to be exactly the same place with exactly the same pressure. In response to this, be as close with both location and pressure as you possibly can. Do this technique to the best of your ability and you will see beautiful results.)

2. Allow yourself to experience some powerful memories. Just as stated in the third point to the auditory anchor you will clearly remember a time for each emotional state.

3. When you feel the emotion begin to build get ready to touch the area you have chosen, but be aware of your timing. Touch the area at the moment the emotion is the strongest. You will notice you can feel the emotions more intensely by increasing the details of the memory you are replaying. Hold the pressure at that area for a brief moment, 1 – 2 seconds will be perfect.

4. After you have anchored one state follow this up with thinking of some information like what did you have for breakfast, or how much did you save on your car insurance?

5. Now repeat the process for each emotional state that you are anchoring.

6. When you have anchored all of the states clear your mind and think of something like; when was the last time you went out to dinner?

7. Now test the anchor by touching yourself in the same place with the same pressure. You will feel the emotions flood in, and you may experience some of the memories after firing the anchor off.

There is a way to create an anchor using an image of any sort. To do this follow the last procedure for creating a physical body anchor, but instead of touching yourself look at an image at the peak of the feeling. You can do this with an image on your computer, a poster, a figurine or a flash card that you have or that you will construct.

Now that you have this powerful anchor you may use it to accelerate the law of attraction in your life. To do this, follow the law of attraction process, and during your 5 – 10 minute visualization period you can create the emotional state needed to cause your unconscious mind and the universe to respond by firing off your anchor. You can take this a step farther and also fire off the anchor when you are thinking of this process working in your life. You will have a twofold effect of not only attracting your dreams into your life using strong positive feelings, but you can also increase the speed of this process by attracting the success of your use of the law of attraction by using the strong feelings on your thoughts of it working.

This anchoring technique is a very powerful way to access any desired emotional state. You can use this very technique to anchor any emotional state to a song, an image, or a touch. If there is a time when you think a specific emotional state would be desired you can use anchoring to do this.

Enjoy this amazing technology and watch your life transform into your wildest dreams!