Multinationals in Nigeria: A Study Recommendation

Multinationals in Nigeria: A Study Recommendation

A study was conducted tagged the impact of multinational companies (MNCs) on the Nigerian economy and environment, SHELL oil company in Nigeria as a case. This study was carried out in the year 2007 and in the course of the study; a lot of information has been discovered. Series of works were meticulously reviewed to elucidate the research topic. The following recommendations were highlighted so as to enhance the phase of business in Nigeria in respect to MNCs.


The following recommendations are made for the multinational oil-producing companies in Nigeria:

1. The multinational oil companies operating in the oil-regions are to be meant to pay for the resources lost as a consequence of oil exploration and production activities, as well as for other social and economic damages

2. The multinational (MN) Oil companies are to be closely monitored and must be forced to operate transparently.

3. Since there is international standard for the operation of these companies, it must be strictly followed by those ones operating in Nigeria


The following recommendations are made for the Nigeria government:

1. Agreement should be reached between the MN Oil company and the government as regards their operations

2. The government should enforce, by law, the observance of the civil, economic, environmental and cultural rights of these communities where MN oil companies operate. The peoples’ rights must be guaranteed

3. The government should guard against environmental destruction and human right violations through strong laws, regulations and policies put in place


The following recommendations are made for the Nigerians:

1. The people should stop breaking the pipelines of these oil-producing MNCs

2. Instead of killing and kidnapping the staffers of these companies, litigation should be best used since Nigeria has courts of competent jurisdiction of handling such matters

3. The people should stop the unfettered corporate onslaught at the oil regions but should rather support the constituted committee to settle the ongoing crises in the Niger-Delta and its environs.

With these carefully implemented, I want to believe that they will go a long way to finding lasting solution to the crises that kept on disturbing and threatening the peace, unity and progress of this our dear country, Nigeria. All hands must be on deck in ensuring that parties concerned respect the laws of the country in respect to business activities and give room to fair play and justice.