Marriage Foundation

The foundation of any building is very crucial and important. Any building that fails to possess a solid foundation will definitely fall and crash. A marriage’s foundation could either be right or wrong.

Wrong Foundations in Marriage

1. Money: If your marital choice is based on money, you may regret it later. Money does not last forever. Never choose to marry anybody because he or she is rich.

2. Beauty: Beauty does not exist perpetually. Look beyond the external appearance when making the decision of whom to marry.

3. Position: No matter the position the person occupies, it should not determine your choice. Position in the church, campus, or society should not be the basis of your marital choice.

4. Sex: Desire to have sex or the sexy look of a person is also a wrong foundation for marriage; don’t base your marriage on it.

5. Trips: A lot of ladies make the mistake of marrying a man that promises to take them on a trip abroad. This is totally wrong; your life is too precious to be exchanged for a trip.

Right Foundations in Marriage

1. Genuine Conversion: Open your eyes wide. Marry only somebody that is genuinely converted and fears God. You cannot fair well in the hands of the child of the devil; it will be too dangerous for you to do so.

2. Maturity: Be matured before you think of marriage; become an adult physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially and financially. Marriage is not for boys and girls; it is for people who can shoulder responsibilities.

3. Prayer: Lay a solid foundation of prayer for your marriage. Seek God’s face concerning the person you should marry and commit the issue into His hands.

4. God’s Leading: You must also allow God to direct your path. It is not just about praying to God, it is about listening to Him; it is about obeying His command.

5. Love: Marry only the person you love and the person you are sure loves you. Love is the foundation of a strong marriage, without it, the family will not stand.

6. Godly Character: Make sure you to know the character of the person you intend to marry. If he or she is having fundamental character flaws, do not marry him or her.

7. Purity: Lay the foundation of your home on purity; avoid premarital sex as much as possible.

8. Counsel: Seek counsel before you take any step towards marriage, never do it alone.

9. Godly Courtship: Courtship is the period between the time a lady agrees to marry a man and the time they eventually marry. This period should be in God and it must be based on righteousness. Premarital sex is not allowed in courtship; romance should be based on God alone. Courtship is the period of learning, praying and planning. It is a period of introduction getting to know each other.

10. Glorious Marriage: Lay a solid foundation for your marriage by having a godly wedding, not from ‘cohabitating to wedding’ type. Do everything right; fulfill all righteousness if you want the right thing to happen to you.