Les Miserables

“Red – the blood of angry men, Black – the dark of ages past, Red – a world about to dawn, Black – the night that ends at last.” These lyrical lines were taken from one of the musical piece sung by Enjolras in the French literary classic, Les Miserables. He was a strategic leader among young students of the ABC society who devoutedly believes in democratic freedom. He even called his homeland as his mistress that defined him as a patriotic man. The purpose of the revolutionary act was to elevate the individuals from being treated as slaves. A reversal of traditional beliefs to rule over the country with divinity and a feudal society. It focuses on liberation of humanity by overthrowing the modern society economic oppression. Fall and victory are equally inevitable, for sooner the land of France will rise again.

After years ago depicting the key events that shows injustice in the society, In which Jean Valjean possesed, Along the way a revolution come to arise to voice out for human rights. A rebellious plan was initiated by Enjolras in their meeting and used the death of General Lamarque as a sign of the revolution. During the funeral of Lamarque, the monarchy sent troops to keep the peace. As what had planned out, Enjolras together with the ABC society interrupted the ceremony as guns were fired. They initially built a barricade from common items, armed themselves and prepare for the coming fight. When things got into trouble, Javert tried to tricked them as a being one of the revolutionaries and is actually spying for the army then, unfortunately Gavroche pointed him out by recognizing his face. The men tied him up in a Corinth restaurant after revealing his real identity. Suddenly an innocent bystander had been shoot, Enjolras executed him as penalty. Even the students mourned for Mabeuf, who was just attempting to return back the red flag into place.

Enjolras on the other hand, gave him a kiss in the forehead and erected Mabeuf’s coat in the place of the red flag to honor his courage. When the matter was already settled down, the majority agreed to keep Javert as a hostage. Enjolras then decided to send five men away the barricade, realizing that those men will soon die. Jean Valjean come to arrived. Enjolras orders Javert’s execution to be followed by the execution of Jean Prouvaire; Valjean was asked to do the task either but he sets Javert to be freed instead. Sooner, The barricade falls and as the army pressed onwards, Enjolras retreated in a wine shop. Among the revolutionaries, He never get injured holding no any other weapon except for the barrel of his carbine. He then ordered the guards to shoot him after throwing away a stump of his carbine, raising his closed hands and presenting his chest. Just before him to be shoot by the guardsmen, Grantaire didn’t hesitate to die with his friend after saying his last words. A quick realization came into Enjolras mind that Grantaire would rather die next to him than live without each other. He took Grantaire’s hand with him at least for the last against The soldiers fired at both of them that Enjolras was pierced with bullets and stucked himself against the wall. His body flung back and his foot was held by the window to stop his body from falling out down near the barricade.

Les Miserables contains a lot of powerful images.It’s political views can be interpreted by focusing on the lower class, of relating to social and economic injustice. It shows that revolutionary change is inevitable. Political interest and awareness was reflected through the novel itself on knowledgeable depictions of events. The character of Enjolras was a type of showing passion for liberty, heroism and patriotism that people looked up to and for him to be admired by leading a revolution bravely. As before his execution, He reversely turn the situation when he ordered the national guards to kill him. On that very moment, It seems like he had received more enough respect than those guardsmen to be respected. His image appeared to be the one in command in that situation. To summed up the novel’s main point, Political stance accompanied by real events played very unique and effective for the viewers.

I therefore conclude that aside from the strong emotions provided by the flow of the story, the people behind the characters played their roles very well. Versatility and enthusiasm of the actors worked knowledgeably for the film. It is impressive that every lines that they put in their tongues give melody and harmonious to each and every listener’s ear. The factors that were marked in my mind is not just because of the appearance of the actors neither just the story but, the meaning and the impact of every details that the novel really wants to convey. These literary pieces are one of those kinds that don’t deserve to be spared of. It is really worth satisfying for an aspiring actor like me, performing on a live theatre performance. Up to this moment, this will be an inspiration to encourage young people to dig deeper about the reality of our society. Let this film be preserved and continue to influence every individuality for the coming generations.