Law of Attraction and Unique Selling Proposition – Chalk and Cheese Or Brothers in Arms?

There is one Principle that, once understood and diligently practiced, allows you to attract the objects of your desire in your life strongly and swiftly: the Law of Attraction (or Law of Deliberate Intent), LOA.

There is another Principle that, once understood and diligently crafted, allows you to attract the ideal clients and/or customers in your business strongly and swiftly: the Unique Selling Proposition (or Unique Sales Position), USP.

For many people, USP and LOA have nothing to do with each other. LOA to them belongs to the realm of the esoteric, to the spiritual world. May work for some, but has not correlation with business. USP, on the other hand, belongs to the realms of business, to the world of sales. May work in businesses, but has no correlation with “life” as such.

I strongly disagree with this notion, and for 4 convincing reasons.

First of all, LOA covers all areas of our living world, not just the spiritual and more personal aspects of it. As for personal life, so for business life. There is no cut-off point where LOA stops operating; like vibrations attract like vibrations.

Second of all, USP covers pretty much everything in our human world, too. I wrote it in previous articles already: we are constantly “selling”, whether it is a product or a point of view. I find the fact that sales & marketing and USP are mostly restricted to the business world rather…..well…. restricting.

Third of all, Law of Attraction is all about creating clarity around your desires, and putting your attention, energy and focus on the manifestation of them. A unique selling proposition is all about creating clarity around the benefits of your products and services, and persuading others of the importance of them. Pretty much the same concept.

Fourth of all, apply LOA powerfully, and you will start attracting what it is you deliberately desire. The same goes for USP: emphasise the benefits of your products and services, and you will start attracting the clientele to your business who need or desire what you have to offer.

It is so obvious to me that USP and LOA are connected in a powerful way, that I really don’t understand why business owners sometimes shy away from “this airy-fairy stuff”. There is 1) nothing airy-fairy about it, once you start applying it and start seeing the results, and 2) it will mean thousands of dollars in lost profit if you are not willing to put the concept to the test.

When mentoring clients, I stress the importance of crafting a really powerful USP. The USP will be a verbal culmination of the problems in the market place in your specific niche, the solutions you apply in your business to those problems, and the benefits those solutions will have for your target market. Your USP summarises what your business does best, and why clientele should buy into your products and services.

Crafting a powerful USP has two compelling effects: YOU as a business owner will have strong clarity around your line of products and services, which will establish confidence and clarity within you.

Guess what vibration you are sending out when you experience those feelings? Right, positive ones.

This will thereby attract clients that actually want your products and services, which is the second effect. Because prospects are confronted with a powerful USP, they get an instant sense of credibility towards your business and towards you as a business owner.

Guess what vibration THAT is? Right! This positive vibration will establish you as an expert in your field, and will allow for viral marketing and life-long clientele. Who wouldn’t want to do business with a entrepreneur who is able to fulfill clients’ needs and desires by understanding them clearly?

Truly, start working with it: get clarity on what is the most massive benefit that clients can receive from doing business with you, and start phrasing that in a powerful USP. From that point forwards, watch your business grow.

Results are pretty much guaranteed using the right tools. I keep saying it: nobody doubts that jumping off a building will get you down fast! Law of Gravity is always applicable. The same is the case with the Law of Attraction. IT works. Are you willing to work IT?

To your business success!