Kate Dixon’s Sexless Marriage Book – Is It Any Good?

Sexless marriages are a difficult thing to overcome. More often than not, women in sexless marriages find it harder to cope than men do.

That’s where Kate Dixon’s sexless marriage book comes into play. The book is called Get Him In The Mood… How To Get Your Man To Want You More. But is this guide any good? Will it help you to fix your marriage?

The first thing you should know about Kate Dixon’s book is that it’s intended for women only. Only women in sexless marriages and relationships who wish to get the sex back into their relationship should read it. That’s the real strength of Get Him In The Mood: that it was written by a woman for women only.

What I love about Kate Dixon’s sexless marriage book is that it teaches women how to take control of their relationship and fix it from a position of strength. Sexless relationships can really ruin a woman’s self confidence and it seems that Kate Dixon has the sensitivity to address that issue, and to provide true advice for it.

Get Him In The Mood is a 150 or so pages sexless marriage book and contains 10 chapters. Throughout the book, Kate Dixon strives to show women how to take control of their life and their relationship with their husband or boyfriend. In easy to use advice, she lays out a game plan to fix a sexless marriage or relationship.

In Get Him In The Mood, you will learn why your relationship turned into a sexless one, how to start a process which will empower you as a woman, and how to take control of your relationship and turn it to the better.

If you’re a woman in a sexless marriage or relationship, I recommend this book by Kate Dixon, to you.