Human Values: An Analysis

Nobody can deny the fact that our society is in great crisis these days due to its depleting human values. The result of all the inhuman activities is providing a great amount of stress to the society. So, sticking to human values is always the best option as they are the set of ethics which help the people to live a righteous life. Values, which are known as the moral standards of our behaviours, are the one which acts as a saviour of the mankind.

Being a central concept, human values are taken to be the basic virtues which a person must possess. Since childhood, such values help a human being to progress in the life in a civilized manner. Preschool is the beginning of a child which strengthens the foundation of human values in him. If right human values are not inculcated in the child, he will definitely grow up to be an uncivilized individual without any moral ethics. In broader aspects, education can really pave the way for developing the child’s personality in a systematic and planned process which in turn will create more sensible and ideal citizens.

Discrimination between right and wrong is possible if you have been imparted moral values through your family and friends. What is good or bad can be better judged while abiding by the generally accepted high moral integrity. However not all adhere to these values out of their ignorance, illiteracy, social situations and family background. These individuals grow up to be a burden on this planet as they have a hostile attitude towards the righteous path and the proper way to live the life with esteem.

What will happen if you are devoid of human values? Certainly, you will grow up to be a misfit in the society as you do not opt the customary human values which come through our religion and valuable preaching of our sages or knowledgeable persons. Immoral acts done by an individual such as robbery, thefts, murders, frauds, cyber-crimes, chain snatching etc are severely punished by the law enforcing agencies so that an ideal society may be built up.

The materialistic attitude of earning huge chunks of money creates a havoc and paves the way for a boosting force in pursuing criminal acts. The society has to suffer a lot due to these undesirable individuals and it calls for a drastic change in its overall structure.

So, we have to develop a strategy to analyze ourselves with a view to control the inhuman acts which are poisoning the society and are providing a barrier in creating ideal citizens.

If we really wish to lead our nation all over the world we will have to follow the path showed by our great country men and the renowned sages of the glorified past.