How Immigration Professionals Use the Internet to Obtain Client Information

Many immigration professionals in the legal, corporate, university and hospital sectors now use immigration case management software to help them improve their productivity and increase their efficiency. Immigration case management software helps these professionals access the most up-to-date immigration forms (from countries throughout the world); create, maintain, update and archive new and existing client and employee cases; create and access reminders and ticklers to ensure client or employee compliance to domestic and international immigration regulations; and respond to new and changing regulations in a policy environment that is constantly in flux.

Traditional models of new client or employee intake utilized various forms in which immigration professionals would gather essential information either through face-to-face meetings, phone interviews or forms filled out and returned via postal mail or email.

Immigration case management solutions enabled immigration professionals to provide their clients or employees with a distinct web address, username and password; the client/employee could then logon to that site and update their information, which would directly populate the immigration case management software.

Case management solutions provide multiple advantages for such professionals, including tracking and categorization methods, systematic templates and workflow processes, and much more.

This process provided a range of advantages for professional firms/organizations and their clients and employees, including:

• Provide a more streamlined method to gather essential immigration profile information
• Free up immigration professionals from rote tasks that can easily be automated
• Ensure that data is more accurate, as it comes directly from the client or employee
• Reduce redundancy by immediately populating a software solution with profile information, that can then be accessed and used during a range of workflow tasks, including filling out immigration forms, compliance documents and necessary visa paperwork

These client intake sheets greatly reduced redundancy and increased efficiency for immigration professionals. With the added bonus of integrating client intake sheets with the professionals’ website, immigration case management software companies were able to maintain the professionals’ brand and provide direct access to intake forms through their web presence.

This novel method has greatly reduced the time it takes immigration professionals, including those that work in law firms, corporate human resource and immigration offices, hospital human resource divisions, and educational institutions, to manage key aspects of client cases. By utilizing the advantages of the web to give clients and employees a method to provide important profile information, these immigration case management solutions have further transformed the way that immigration professionals work, using technology to change the basic precepts of business.