Feng Shui – Myth, Miracles or Reality?

Oh, my GOD ! That must have been a bit scary.

I was up in Genting Highlands, Malaysia, for a conference on 24th June 2006. Over the breakfast table, my friend showed me a piece of news that really shocked me. It was reported that the daughter-in-law was killed by the father-in-law using a shot-gun over some small matter in the kitchen. Accordingly, the father-in-law brought back a piece of wild boar meat and he kept it inside the fridge. Due to his carelessness, there were a few drops of blood on the floor. This made the daughter-in-law grumble over the dirty floor. Without saying anything, the father-in-law went back to his room and came out with his shot-gun. He fired at the head of the daughter-in-law, a house wife, who at that point of time was washing the dishes in the basin. The father-in law killed himself after killing the daughter-in-law. This incident is a bit scary.

Well, according to the law of cause and effect, there must be some cause that triggered off the incident resulting in the tragedy. For feng shui practitioners, the kitchen is one of the six important sections of the house that controls, wealth, health , prosperity and harmony. The oven has to be located correctly at the place where it should be located otherwise, catastrophe and bad luck will befall and the family will be in a chaotic condition. There were many precedents before the above incident. During my practice, my grandmaster always cautions me to be careful when doing reading for kitchen because kitchen is the place where the mouth takes in food which contains chi, The chi might be good or it might be bad depending on the direction of the stove. According to a Chinese saying, all trouble in life comes from the mouth and all sickness enter through the mouth too.

To place the stove in the correct direction and the proper place where it should be, you need to seek the advice of a feng shui master. Of course, the real feng shui master, not the half-past six type. This is because, the effect of kitchen alone is not enough to counteract the evil effect. Reading should be done for the whole house and alignment must be fine-tuned so that it harnesses the good chi for all those staying in the same house. The personal kua of the occupants and the kua of the house have to be scrutinized and adjusted so as to reap the greatest benefits of the house as well as to prevent unforeseen incidents from happening.

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