CPA Offers – What Are They?

CPA Offers – What Are They?

The variety of different CPA offers can be very confusing for beginner CPA marketers. It might seem overwhelming at first to try and figure out what all the different offers are. The most well known CPA offers are the zip-submit, trial offers and email submits. Saj P’s Zero Friction Marketing CPA product discusses these offers in greater detail.

Let’s begin with free-trial offers, because they are so popular among both advertisers and the marketers who promote them. The reason is simple. $1.95 is usually the small fee the consumer will pay for the free offer, and this price is only based on shipping and handling for the advertiser. A lead is then generated for the advertiser, which may result in future sales, and the consumer obtains the product they desire at a fraction of the cost it would normally be. You may be wondering how this benefits you as a marketer.

For each lead you provide for the company, you will be paid anywhere from $20-$100, which is quite a large amount for just producing one lead from a “free offer”. The consumer will then be asked to accept the forced continuity conditions to obtain the free offer. After the free trial has finished, the customer is also agreeing to pay for future products after the free trail has finished. The only job you that is your concern, is to deleiver the lead, as retaining the customer is up to the advertiser. This means that you get paid a good amount of money from a CPA offer that is easy to convert. All you have to do is drive targeted traffic to the companies landing page. Free-trial offers are popular for this reason. Zip code submits are also another common type of CPA offers.

All a visitor has to do in order for you to get paid is enter their zip code. You can be sure that the company running the promotion has a way to make money from the customer on the back end. Once the ZIP code has been filled out, you are then paid for the user filling out this form. These offers are low paying, but convert very well. ZIP code submits may only be paid out as 75 cents to $1, but if you can drive a lot of targeted traffic to them, they can result on a lot of money. Other similar offers including email submits.

The term “the money is in the list” is true to the extent that you want to have a list of pre-qualified buyers, and companies are willing to pay money to obtain this. You, the CPA marketer provide them with this. Just like the ZIP code submit, you get the email, and the company pays you the commission. These CPA offers also convert very well and it’s just a matter of traffic you need to send.

It is a reality to be a super-affiliate in CPA marketing, and with the right information, techniques and tools you can experience all the benefits that supper CPA affiliates have today.