Capture and Benchmark of On-Screen Video Performance Using Fraps

Capture and Benchmark of On-Screen Video Performance Using Fraps

Fraps performs video recording and benchmarking in real time from DirectX and OpenGL games and applications. It captures on-screen video and audio, adds timestamps and counters, and benchmarks frames per second, frame times, and minimum and maximum averages. It saves screenshots as JPG, TGA, JPG or PNG files, with optional frame rate overlays and reproduces screen capture. It can also be used as screen recording software.

Fraps is mainly found in two versions: trial and paid. The paid version outperforms the trial version. However, you can decide whether or not to buy the software by using the trial version. To download this software, search entering the free screen recorder and you can find many Fraps download links instantly.

After downloading the software, open Fraps from the default installation folder in C: //Fraps, unlike other programs’ default installation folder C: //Program Files.

To record ongoing video on the screen, you need to initially select the target frame rate for the video, which specifies how many frames to be included in the video per second. You can choose from 25, 30, 50 or 60 fps.

Fraps is also a game recording software. Minimize Fraps and open your game. Fraps will continue to run in the background. While recording, the frame rate tray will turn red and the captured video will be saved in your preferred default folder. Screenshots can also be taken while playing games at resolutions of up to 2880×1600 or 3840×1200.

To record a video, assign a hotkey and press while in-game to start recording video. To set a hotkey, click the “Video Capture Hotkey” box and press a desired button. The default recording hotkey is F9. Remember to select a hotkey not required by the game.

The frame rate overlay turns bright for a moment and may also lag. This indicates that the image has been captured.

To record a movie with Fraps, you may experience a noticeable impact during gameplay. This is because of all the extra work involved in capturing the screen information to disk.

The maximum frame rate Fraps shows is 9999 fps on-screen. For precise frame rates, you must use benchmarking and get the value from FRAPSLOG.TXT, or from the detailed statistics.

Fraps is a practical application for serious gamers or anyone who wants to capture video on-screen or benchmark video performance. It’s cheap and affordable and the free trial includes enough features to help you make up your mind.

The Fraps codec (FPS1) is also installed on the system when you install Fraps. If Windows is reinstalled, you need to reinstall Fraps to play back movies. If you give your initial footage to another person, Fraps should be installed again.