Book Review – For the Life O’Reilly Written by Brian Cohen

Book Review – For the Life O’Reilly Written by Brian Cohen

Nicholas O’Reilly was a partner in a huge New York law firm, Williams Gardner & Schmidt. He was going places with this firm and had much prestige even though he knew this type of firm was a cutthroat kind of firm. He had many friends in the firm. Nick felt very close to one lawyer, Evan, in the firm but there was another lawyer that was there to criticize every move Nick made, good or bad. Phil was one of those guys that loved to cause trouble with his words and deeds. Phil was slightly superior in position within the firm to Nick and he loved to enforce that fact. Evan and Nick had dreams of once having their own firm handling many in the entertainment business as their clients. But, meanwhile, onward and upward where they now worked.

In a meeting of the firm Nick was selected to begin a new pro-bono department of the firm. Williams Gardner & Schmidt decided they needed more good publicity and they felt this free work for individuals or organizations that couldn’t afford lawyers would place them very well in public opinion. However, their work for the billable clients could not suffer because of the pro-bono clients. Nick’s first client was Dawn Nelson. Dawn was a beautiful young woman, mother of a young son, going through a horrible time with her husband. She wanted a divorce to get away from all the physical and mental beatings she was taking from her husband but couldn’t afford an attorney. Through a local organization Drew found Nick, even though Nick had never handled any type of law for domestic disputes or any pro-bono work. As in most firms, it was a rule that no personal contact would be allowed between clients and lawyers that could be construed as sexual or too personal otherwise. After several meetings, Nick and Dawn had very strong feelings for each other and did all they could to avoid any contact that could be seen as improper but things did not end up that way.

Nick was called before the firms’ management and blasted for his conduct and making Dawns case blow up and extended when it should all be over and the divorce final. The legal authorities censured Nick and he was, of course, fired from the firm. Nick was devastated to lose his job and position he had so long worked for and had performed such a good strong job, but even though he felt he was not guilty of such actions with a client, Dawn, he could see how his time and place with her could have caused his downfall. The board gave him a two months suspension from practicing as a lawyer. This made Nick turn in circles and spin his wheels to determine his future. The suspension did give him time to get to know Dawn and her son, Jordan, all of whom became happier every day and to ponder what his future might be.

Within a short time, Nick received a call from Evan telling Nick that he had done what they had discussed years earlier of starting their own law firm to handle their entertainment clients and expand on the list. Nick was elated but he could not legally yet do this work but he did do all he could toward helping the new firm grow, and grow they did-fast.

Then came the talk of a wedding, a honeymoon, another baby, a new home, and with the growing business finances were no problem. Things were going great until Nick started feeling sick. He had not felt well for some time but put the blame on all his work and troubles from the old firm. He continued working hard, enjoying life, and looking forward to the wedding and their future together.

The Life O’Reilly is a story I am so elated to have read. I truthfully didn’t know what to expect when I started the book. I thought that it would be just another lawyer story that was good but never did I expect the story that Brian Cohen gave me. I felt very connected to this book. We many times say we had read a book we couldn’t put down. Believe me, The Life O’Reilly was one you will not be able to put down until you finish it. Excellent writing style containing a terrific story line. Thanks Brian.