Article Marketing and CPA – Can I Use Articles to Sell Free Trial and Cost Per Action Offers?

Article Marketing and CPA – Can I Use Articles to Sell Free Trial and Cost Per Action Offers?

Can articles be used to promote CPA offers? Is it more difficult? LESS difficult? And what is the BEST way to promote free trial and cost per action programs with article marketing? If you are anything like I once was when I first started looking for good affiliate programs to promote with my content, the idea of promoting CPA offers probably sounds pretty attractive right?

The GOOD news?

In my experience, CPA offers are amongst the absolute EASIEST programs to promote with article marketing. Why? Because they often have a very low threshold or investment for your reader, and are often very solution oriented products. For example… offers, skin care solutions, nutritional supplements, dating, psychic readings and more often have GREAT appeal to general audiences, are EXPENSIVE to advertise on….and therefore make a great natural fit for free traffic strategies like article marketing.

The BEST way to promote these style offers?

It’s NOT a straight re-direction, surprisingly. I’ve had far better success putting up a one page review site, with 3 popular products, and offering an honest assessment of either my OWN experience with the programs, or reviewing what others around the web have reported instead. I’ve found that sending the reader DIRECTLY to the affiliate program without a review results in terrible conversion percentages…and while this IS a good idea for other more mainstream offers, doesn’t’ covert as well here.

And remember…….

There are A LOT of unethical, underhanded and less than honest CPA programs out there….and lots of affiliates who swim in the sordid sea of selling them. When in doubt, I recommend you stay away from ANY program that doesn’t appear honest, or offers terms that are hidden or designed to trick your reader into buying. (like many of the auto-ship nutritional supplements, for example)

You may find you CAN make money promoting them……but they’re not honest, often disappear overnight, get terrible publicity and you run the risk of NOT getting paid as well. (even when they’re being promoted by the MAJOR CPA networks, too……no fun)

The bottom line?

Yes, article marketing and CPA and free trial offers are a GREAT match, and an easy way to jump into expensive markets with FREE traffic that can convert like crazy….without the risk or worry of paying for PPC!