Areas of Law For Law Students to Explore

Areas of Law For Law Students to Explore

If becoming the next Georgia divorce lawyer or Georgia divorce attorney isn’t for a new law student, they have other fields of law in which to choose. Going to law school provides many options for students to select. Like most post graduate programs, law school opens doors to a wide variety of industries and professions that are in need of legal counsel. Four options that a new student may select as their field of expertise are environmental, real estate, personal injury and criminal law. All of these fields are independent of one another and provide lucrative, rewarding jobs.

Environmental law specifically focuses on the protection of the earth and the people that inhabit it. It deals with everything from protecting companies who produce pollutants to the people who may be breathing those very pollutants into their lungs. A person who specializes in this field should have a great interest in creating, maintaining and enforcing laws that impact our natural world. For instance, if company ABC wants to drill for oil in a certain location, they will need a person to make sure they are following all the state and federal guidelines that protect the earth and people surrounding their site.

Real estate law is a huge expansive field of expertise. It encompasses the sale and acquisition of property by individuals, businesses and large corporations. Any time there is a transfer of property, legal aid is needed. This legal representation reviews all contracts and agreements and makes sure everything discussed is officially binding. A person who chooses this field for their area of expertise must enjoy being an integral part of the process of buying and selling land and buildings. Having legal aid during these acquisitions, not only makes the process smoother, it also protects both buyer and seller from start to finish.

Personal injury law is very important for anyone who has physically or mentally suffered due to negligence from someone else. For instance, legal aid would be needed if a person is in a car accident and experienced damage to the neck and back. This person may be out of work and without compensation for a long period of time. Legal aid would help this injured person secure money from the person responsible for the accident. Businesses also need legal aid in the field of personal injury. If companies have jobs where it is highly likely that their employees may be impacted physically, they need to make sure they are abiding by all laws that protect such employees. A person who would select this for their field of expertise would have to have an interest in protecting individual’s rights when it comes to their bodies and minds.

Criminal law is a fourth area in which a law student could specialize. This form of law protects and prosecutes people who may have broken the law and/or are innocent and are in need of defense. For instance, if a person drives while intoxicated and gets arrested, they would need legal aid to help them stay out of jail. The court system would need legal representation to help put that person in jail. Either way, they system requires people who specialize in this form of law.