Are We Giving Students Too Much Power Over Teachers?

Are We Giving Students Too Much Power Over Teachers?

This debate should not be debated by educators or anyone who is deeply involved in education. Policy makers should be involved in this debate. Why did I say so? Let us have a look at the title ” Are we giving students too much power over teachers? Please pay attention to the word “we”.

Who is that “we” actually? Are they teachers, parents, society or the politicians? I am an English teacher and teaching has been a part of my family as my father was a teacher. In the past, the students were easily controlled because the rules and regulations they had at home were on par with the ones they had at school. However, these days, the rules and the regulations are slightly the same and sometimes can be completely opposite. If this debate is trying to put the blame on the teachers, I will be so sad and annoyed. Lately, we have been putting a lot of emphasis on human rights specifically children rights. We know their rights, but are we directing them towards a person who understands and respects someone’s right especially when it comes to respecting the teachers. As the old saying goes, “Anything which is too much can be painfully destructive”.

It is wonderful to see the students being able to master the art of critical thinking. In other words, they constantly question their surrounding, emotions, responses, facts and etc. However, giving them too much power, without explaining them the known and unknown consequences of power abuse, will produce intellectual bullies. For example, a lawyer who is supposed to fight for justice finally turns out to a professional criminal when he succeeds in releasing a criminal by playing with the facts and the worst thing is this lawyer does not have any sense of guilt in him. Are we going to produce another Hitler in our class?

The teachers are aware of the destructive effects of giving too much power to the students. However, do parents and the government know the consequences? Has there been any mutual understanding and discussion between teachers and government or between teachers and parents in the creation of our education system? Absolutely yes but the implementation of an excellent education system has been negatively modified by the policy makers as too much power is given to the politicians.

Before I say goodbye, I would like to share with you some thoughts on how to reduce or stop the production of modern Hitler. Teach the students how to keep the fire small no matter how many woods and gas are given to them. Thank you for reading.