All I Wanted Was A System That Worked

All I Wanted Was A System That Worked

The first question to ask yourself before embarking on any self-defence/protection program is – are you willing to use physical violence to defend yourself? This is a yes or no question. When you are in a situation that turns physical you will not have the time to think about the consequences of your actions because any hesitation on your part will result in injury to you and in a matter of seconds the issue can become a matter of life or death. It’s your choice to make and often there are no second chances. If you are not prepared to make the choice of kill or be killed then do not take this route. But don’t rely on others to protect you if you become a victim and get caught out.

Physical violence is a sickening experience sadly, sometimes it is necessary but don’t forget it can also have consequences latter on. I refer to the law and mentally as well. Physical violence should only be embarked upon when all else has failed and is a last resort. The good news is that knowledge is the key. It’s no good knowing the theory If you walk in the middle of the road you will be hit by a car so walk on the side of the road instead obvious. Unless you respond to your new found knowledge with the appropriate action then knowing becomes as useful as not knowing. Skilful application of communication skills and a presence that avoids violence is a much better starting point but you must be ready to fall back on your other physical skills too. Which means, your best weapon is common sense in other words, always use your brain before brawn.

Looking at the many attitudes that I read today, practitioners of the martial arts are starting to seriously question what they are being taught. The question they’re asking; am I really doing self-defence? More and more practitioners want to know why, how, where rather than just following blindly because someone tells them to do something.

I believe, the problem lies in the way the traditional martial arts have been viewed in the past. For example; If you live in a peaceful area and never ventured out into the real world then doing your art as a way of keeping fit or as a sport would be fine. However, if you wanted your art for something more practical bodyguard, security etc. Then looking for a system that will enable you to have the best possible chance of survival in a violent situation would be a wise choice.

Although, finding one may not be easy, because many instructors are only interested or are able to teach young active students. The result, many are discouraged or become disillusioned Women, older people small or weak those very individuals who really need help don’t get it. Therefore, before or if you are thinking of changing to a more street orientated art, you’ll need to seek out someone who has the following characteristics. Here are a few things to check out before you decide where to go.

You need to find someone who is helpful, has a positive attitude and approach to self-defence, preferably who has had real life experience not some young gun who says he holds 5 black belts but no real experience of the types of issues that happen on today’s mean streets. It is a controversial issue but one you must consider if you want to learn self-defence or just a watered down sport, it’s up to you so make your decision pick a side.

Stay Safe.