A Tantra Viewpoint On Self-Control

In today’s day and age, the concept of self control seems to have lost its relevance and significance. Forget about hedonists – even many so-called spiritual gurus advocate that we just do whatever pleases us, whenever it pleases us. This way of thinking and living includes indulging in sexual excesses, as well.

In fact, many a tantra teacher is approached by aspiring students because they are seeking ways and means to indulge in precisely such unbridled erotic activity. They are under the delusion that tantra is a school of thought which propounds such excesses, and that it provides the ways and means to do so.

This is utter and perverted foolishness, and only underscores the fact that ancient tantra remains a mystery to most modern minds. The tantric arts are firmly based in the principles of tantra yoga and meditation, both of which require the practitioner to exercise considerable self-discipline in all matters.

To practice tantra, one needs to closely follow the instructions of the tantra teacher, whose primary intention in the initial phase will be to bring about greater health and harmony in body, mind and spirit. It is common knowledge that any kind of excessive behavior or activity does nothing but disrupt natural physical and mental balance. How, then, could tantra advocate anything but increased self-control?

It must be remembered that any kind spiritual pursuit requires discipline, and discipline must exist both at a physical and mental level. The tantric path is not about lack of sexual discipline. It is a holistic spiritual path which helps in bringing about a higher state of being. In this elevated state, sexual activity becomes an act of worship. It is closely related to specific tantra rituals and meditation techniques.

Giving in to the desire to indulge in unbridled indulgence of the senses of any kind brings about massive dysfunction and lack of harmony in a person. However, advertising and mass media today teaches us to indulge to our heart’s content.

Products and services for enhanced pleasure and excitement are the order of the day. To this, the tantra master can only say – this is the source of all your problems. This is why your relationships are not working. This is why your body and mind are in such a state of upheaval.

Come back to the natural way of life. Embrace the spirituality of moderation, which is the only way in which anything can be enjoyed to the fullest. Ancient tantra is a path that will help you regain self-control, and to gain a greater appreciation of your senses. Only with self-control is mastery of anything possible.