A Brief Look at the Process That Takes Place After DUI Suspicion

A Brief Look at the Process That Takes Place After DUI Suspicion

Receiving a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol is life-changing. It is essential to work with a Hitchcock DWI attorney throughout the process if you want the best outcome. Here are a few things you should know about driving under the influence, being pulled over, receiving a charge, and what you should do afterward.

Any time you are pulled over by the police because of suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, you must cooperate with the police officers. Even individuals who are severely intoxicated must do their best to comply with all requests. Arguing with a police officer is not recommended.

When a person is charged with a DUI, they are transported by the police officer to the police station. If you are alone in your vehicle, it is likely that it will be towed. This is something you will be notified of and have to pay for later.

After arriving at the station, you will likely wait there for several hours before going through processing. For first-time offenders, this process can take longer. The process involves taking your mug shot and getting your fingerprints. You may be asked questions about driving under the influence and other things related to why you are at the police station. It is at this point that you can contact a Hitchcock DWI attorney.

There are several factors that will play a role in how long you spend at the police station. Some of these factors include your criminal record, your age, where the police officers pulled you over, and how severely you are intoxicated. In some cases, individuals are incarcerated right after being taken to the police station. It is more likely, though, that you will be released on bond.

Being charged with a DUI is serious. You should view it as serious and do all you can to protect yourself. You will likely need to appear in court in the weeks or months following the arrest. Your sentencing will be given in court. Your attorney will give you information about how to prepare for your court date. If necessary, they will be there to help you through the process. While in court, it is important to remain calm. You should be respectful during all the proceedings taking place in court. Your Hitchcock DWI attorney will provide information about how to answer questions.

It is common for individuals who have been charged with a DUI to be sentenced to perform community service. Or they will have to complete a court referral program. They will likely have to pay fines. Several factors will determine if a person loses their driver’s license. This is not common among first-time offenders.

It is likely that your DUI charge will be on your record for several years. In some cases, it is there permanently. This means that potential employers will be able to see that you received this charge. It is usually best to be honest with potential employers about this charge. You will have the opportunity to explain the situation as opposed to having them find out about it and ask you questions.

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