5 Key Factors Related To Today’s America, Of Hate!

Wouldn’t it make sense, we would be far – better, served and represented, if/ when, our primary emphasis was on bringing – us – together, for the greater good, rather than, what we are witnessing, perhaps more than ever – before, in recent memory, which is a society, of hate/ hatred? How often do I yearn – for, some restoration of sanity, where love, trumps hate, instead? Invariably, when fairness, justice, rights, and freedoms, for – all, take precedence, over, adversarial, polarizing, populist rhetoric, America has its best chance/ opportunity, to become, the best, it can be, and protect, all of our Constitutional guarantees, rather than selectively, based on some perception of privilege, enabling, entitlement, superiority, bias, prejudice, and bigotry! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 key factors, which must be considered, and addressed, sooner, rather than later!

1. Political rhetoric/ vitriol: Although, politicians have, perhaps, nearly – always, stretched – the – truth, to serve their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, the level of political rhetoric and vitriol, has never seemed as divisive, in recent memory! Issues, which never – before, seemed to be treated, politically (at least, primarily), are now being addressed, on an extremely, partisan manner! When priorities, such as protecting public health and safety, Constitutional rights and guarantees (fully, instead of selectively, and/ or, conveniently, and articulating viable solutions (for – all), instead of populist rhetoric, America, is, at – risk!

2. Haters feel enabled, entitled, and protected: We are experiencing a period, where there have been, more, hate – crimes, than, perhaps, anytime, in recent memory (and, beyond)! It seems, many of these individuals, who, have had these feelings, and opinions/ biases, forever, have been enabled, and entitled, because of the rhetoric, of certain politicians, etc!

3. Appealing to fears, and perceived, self – interests: If, America, stops seeking to be, a nation, based on, liberty and justice for all, and is driven by the fears, hatred, etc, and, perceived, self – interest, of many (although, still, a minority), we have lost our way, and, when this continues, a quality path, to a better – future! We must demand, our hopes and aspirations, are more powerful, and influential, than fears, hatred, and self – interests, or, risk, the nature, of our democracy!

4. Systemic racism: Simply, denying it exists, does not make, systemic racism, go away, or become, any less, a threat, to our way, of life, and core principles! All men are created equal, and, Equal protection of the law, must be, far – more, than some words! Statistics show, we have experienced, more hate crimes, than, nearly, ever before!

5. Blaming others for their challenges (anti – Semitism, racism, etc): How does anyone benefit, in the longer – term, by focusing on blaming and complaining, rather than seeking viable solutions, to challenges, and obstacles? It feels, as if, we are on a path, to lose, what we stand – for, and represent, largely, because of this prejudice, bias, hatred, bigotry, blaming, and complaining!

Wake up, America, and demand, our elected officials, and politicians, focus – on, our core principles, and philosophies, rather than partisan politics! Will you seek more, and better?