5 Examples Of Trying To Get People To Believe What They See!

When some, and/ or, any, public official, suggests, or tells the public, to forget/ igonore, what they have seen with their own eyes, or heard, with their ears, and, instead, simply, believe, and accept, what he tells them! In the past few years, on many occasions, some of our elected officials, have resorted to this strategy, combined with telling lies, and resorting to blaming and complaining, rather than suggesting any viable solutions! Time – after – time, evidence, discovered, after – the – fact, clearly, indicates, this behavior, etc! Forget – the – facts, and blindly, trust, and believe them, and their version of reality, instead! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 example of this, and why, we should be concerned, and demand better.

1. The events of, and leading – up, to January 6th: Although, the horrific events, and behavior of a few – hundred, ardent, core supporters, of the former – President, seemed to belief Trump’s version, that the election was stolen, even though, every recount, and court case, deemed it, untrue! Simply – stated, no matter how much, it was claimed (and, still is), the, so – called, Big Steal, did not occur, and in – fact, the 2020 Presidential election, was probably, the most – honest, and accurate, in history! Recent disclosures from the House Selective Committee, shows, many, on the day of the insurrection, several individuals, including, Donald Trump Jr., Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, etc, sent texts, etc, to, then – Chief of Staff Meadows, pleading, with him, to get the President, to publicly, ask his supporters, to calm down, and stop their behaviors. The evidence seems to indicate, not only, did he not, respond, immediately, but, waited, over 5 hours, before making any statement! After – the – fact, we seem to have witnessed, a form of revisionist – history, where, all those individuals, resorted to some version/ combination, of blaming others, claiming it wasn’t violent, and Trump claimed, if it wasn’t for him, it would have been, far – worse!

2. Pandemic lies/ theories: Instead of handling the horrific pandemic, based on the advice, and counsel, of the health experts, and professionals, the former – President, seemed to equate health risks, with damage to the economy! How many more died, and will die, because, instead of proactively, handling this from the onset, Trump resorted to making false – claims, and espousing, unproven theories, instead of encouraging others, to follow, the advice of the experts!

3. Systemic Racism: Some minority members claim, the treatment by some police, was based on the concept, they referred to, as, Driving while Black! We have seen several instances, clearly, indicating, the Courts, Police, and others, intentionally, or – not, proceed, with systemic racism! What happened to. All men are created equal, and, Equal protection of the law, etc?

4. 2017 Tax Reform: Although, President Trump, and his Republic Party, elected officials, stated, that legislation, would predominantly, assist the middle – class, and significantly, lower tax burdens, it seems, it was clearly, designed, to predominantly, support, and help, the wealthiest Americans, and largest corportations! At the same time, most economists state, it created, a deficit of over a trillion dollars, which, has exacerbated, the additional debt, created, by funding support, because of the pandemic. The same people who supported this tax law, now, state, the huge American deficit, is the fault of President Joe Biden, even, though, it largely, was a result of the leadership, the previous 4 years.

5. Blame and complain/ Empty promises and rhetoric (vitriol)/ No solutions: After Charlottesville, and the clearly – witnessed/ observed, racist, violent behavior, of a few, the President, famously, stated, There were good people on both sides. Over – and – over, again, he articulated a message, which enabled the haters, and made them feel entitled to their prejudices, etc! When, we need someone, to try to heal our wounds, and bring us, together, for the greater good, seeking some sort of meeting – of – the – minds, he constantly, resorted to a polarizing, adversarial message, and much of the horrible events, in terms of violence, and public health and safety, should be placed, squarely, on his shoulders!

Wake up, America, because, is we don’t demand, protecting all our Constitutional guarantees, rights, and freedoms (instead of selectively), we will lose our identity, and, perhaps, much of our democracy! Will you insist, on better, and more integrity, ethics, and ideals, from those, you vote for?