10 Questions That You Should Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

10 Questions That You Should Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

If you are looking for an attorney to deal with your divorce matter, we suggest that you opt for a professional who can guide you throughout the process. You should do your research even if you have received referrals from a family member of colleague. The professional you are going to hire must be experienced and qualified. Given below are a couple of questions you should ask before making the ultimate decision.

1. Ask them if they specialize in divorces. Some lawyers don’t specialize in this department but still take such cases as part of their practice. If they are a specialist, find out how many cases have they handled so far.

2. Find out what type of strategies they are using to handle these cases. This will help you get an idea of how long your case will take to get resolved.

3. How long do they take to get back to you? How long will they take to respond in an emergency? This is important as you can’t take this type of risk in an emergency.

4. Who will be working on you case from the lawyer’s office? How much experience do they have? This is important if you are hiring a divorce lawyer through a law firm.

5. How much will they cost you and what is their hourly rate? Some lawyers charge for the time their client spends with other lawyers, paralegals and secretaries. In this case, find out how much will they charge? And then there are retainer fees.

6. Apart from the lawyer’s fee, you will have to pay for other expenses as well, such as psychologists, physicians, forensic accountants and private investigators. Find out how much they will charge you.

7. Now, you need to figure out the total cost of the process. Ask the lawyer as to how much it will cost you in total. Actually, the total cost is dependent on the intensity of the conflict you have with your partner.

If you ask these questions, it will help you get a better estimate of how much the cost will be. Often, an honest lawyer can’t give you an exact figure of the total cost. If you get an unrealistically low figure, be aware that the lawyer just wants to get your business. In this case, you should look for a better professional.

8. Find out if they lawyer will allow you to sit with your spouse and negotiate directly. This may help you reduce the costs.

9. Ask them about their prediction about the outcome of your case.

10. Ask them what they can do to make you understand the impact of the verdict in terms of tax.

So, these are some of the common questions that you may want to ask before you hire a divorce attorney. You can also Get Legal Advice from Reputable Expert and Buddha family court law firm is one of the Top Divorce Lawyers offices in Chennai which can help!